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The corn meal is useful for the organism

Flour - a recognized foodstuff. It is obtained by grinding grain. Consumers associate with the processing of the flour of wheat and rye. But this is wrong. This product is prepared from different cereals. Each plant has certain properties. It is able to benefit or harm. Corn is no exception. What are the benefits and harms of corn flour?

How and what do cornmeal

The grains are removed from the plant and dried. Dried beans are ground in a drum or abrasive machines. When the obtained milled whole grain flour, meal, which contains different fractions. Its properties have been used in baked goods. Fine grinding requires separation of the fractions to obtain a uniform consistency. Its properties are indispensable in the confectionery industry.

The chemical composition of corn flour

As part of the plant for more than twenty mineral substances. It includes vital organic compounds:

  • retinol (A);
  • carotenes;
  • number of vitamins B (B1, B2, B5, B6, B9, B12);
  • Choline - vitamin-education;
  • Ascorbic acid (C);
  • tocopherol (E);
  • K group vitamins;
  • niacin (PP).

Contains 11 elements of the periodic table metals, rare even such as selenium. Their useful properties are invaluable to human health.

Nutritional value and caloric content of maize flour

Meal, corn calories. Its calorie per 100 grams of product 331 kcal. It is by 56.3% from carbohydrates. 22% are food fibers. The share of the Bolsheviks - 8.78%. 2.31% from fats. And only 0.55% - water.

The use of corn flour

Useful properties of corn flour are known for a long time. Due to a lower calorie corn meal healthier wheat. It improves bowel, reduces fermentation. It strengthens blood vessels, making them more flexible. Counteracts the accumulation of cholesterol. It strengthens the immune system. Iron stimulates the reproduction of blood cells and delivering oxygen to them. Contained in the plant fluoride strengthens bones. Teeth become stronger. Magnesium improves memory. Vitamins rejuvenate skin cells. Protein maintains muscle tone.

Tip! Despite the diversity of the composition of any one product may not contain all the nutrients. Meals should be varied.


Corn meal - healthy food for people practicing sports. The benefits of such a diet is muscle growth. One feature of cereal is the derivation of harmful substances from the body. The benefits for women in the anti-aging, improve skin condition, stimulate hair growth.

for elderly

Cereal is good for health of older people. It stimulates digestion. Some trace elements prevent the manifestations of dementia - dementia.

For kids

Known properties of corn flour to strengthen bones. Children who love corn, different healthy and strong teeth. Magnesium contributes to proper development of the psyche. The baby food lure of corn plays a big role. It is prescribed to six months. Soft porridge. Feeding it is possible even in the absence of teeth.

Attention! No gluten in cereals. He hypoallergenic and good for kids young age.

For pregnant and lactating women

Pregnant recommends corn tortillas. Their use is to facilitate toxemia.

Better to eat cake yesterday. The freshly more moisture, which promotes product bowel swelling and bloating.

Nursing mothers benefit from cereal to increase the amount of milk. The product enhances lactation.

Benefits and harms of corn flour for weight loss

The cereals have anthocyanins. These substances have the property of destroying fat cells. Corn flour with weight loss stabilizes metabolism. It is used for the prevention of overweight. Plant normalizes the chair and the work of digestion, lowers sugar. Fiber fills the stomach and gives satiety. By suppressing hunger, grass eliminates the need for the use of other food. It has a lot of starch. This carbohydrate is digested in the large intestine, therefore not stored as fat.

People with poor blood clotting problems, the plant will bring harm. Properties cereal may cause harm if some gastrointestinal pathology.

The daily rate of use of corn flour

There is no rule governing the use of food made from corn. They can be eaten as much as necessary.

Attention! Food should be distributed in equal portions into several meals.

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