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What is useful and harmful Sukrazit

Benefits and harms of Sukrazita for all time of its existence has repeatedly been challenged and discussed. Depending on the results of various studies related to the product it was positive, then negative. Even today not decided definitively - helpful or harmful to the food product.

What is Sukrazit

Sukrazit - a sweetener that is several tens of times sweeter than sugar.

Sukrazit was invented in 1950 in the Israeli company "Biskol". Sukrazit came up with one of the founders of the company, which, incidentally, is still alive.

Release form and composition Cukrazita

Sukrazit release tablets weighing 74 mg. One package may be 300 or 1200 tablets. Accordingly, the mass of the package is from 22 to '88

The pharmaceutical preparation is referred to as bio-active additives (Badam).

It consists of the following materials:

  • saccharin (more commonly known as additive E954) - 27%;
  • fumaric acid (food additive E927) - 16%;
  • soda - 57%.

Sukrazit basis sweetener is saccharin. This sweetener is a substance approximately 400-500 times sweeter than sugar. However, due to its molecular structure (a sodium atom too "free" in chemical terms) leaves the language metallic taste.

Adding fumaric acid capable of neutralizing the activity of the atom, but the degree of "sweet" product is reduced by almost 10 times. However, since both saccharin and the acid is not digested by the human body, the effect of sweetening obtained very impressive.

One small tablet formulation Sukrazit replace a spoonful of sugar with a slide.

The use of sugar substitutes Cukrazit

The main benefit Sukrazit sweetener is its ability to replace sugar as much as possible number of food and beverage at a relatively safe and the implications of zero caloric.

Separately, it is noted that Sukrazit not subject to thermal degradation at temperatures up to +300 ° C, which makes it possible to use it in preparation of cooked and baked dishes, as opposed to, for example, the same aspartame, which is currently one of the most common sugar substitutes.

That is why the use of the drug Sukrazit manifested in a variety of both diets and weight loss schemes. Its role as a tool that can fool the body and put it in a useful, but relatively tasteless food, giving it a sweet taste Sukrazit performs admirably.

Benefits and harms of diabetes Cukrazita

Considering the questions in diabetes Sukrazita benefit and harm, it can be said that the drug is considered to be one of the best substitutes of glucose in the diet in this disease. Its calorific zero, and wherein (in comparison with other drugs) damage is relatively small.

It is believed that the systematic use of multiple drug allergic reactions may occur and the start of immunosuppression. Recently, at a diabetes is highly undesirable, but in order to achieve similar concentrations Sukrazita, it needs to be used in an amount close to the maximum permissible doses.

Can I Cukrazit during pregnancy and breastfeeding

The manufacturer does not recommend Sukrazit during pregnancy because saccharin can penetrate through the placenta to the baby, and detailed studies of its effects on fetal development is not produced. Therefore, to say something about the benefits or harm of the drug for pregnant women is not possible due to insufficient data.

Important! If lactation is not recommended to use the drug as a weakened immune system of the mother and the emerging the immune system of the child may not be able to respond to Sukrazit means components and cause a serious allergy to complications.

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How to apply Cukrazit

It is believed that the degree of sweetness of one large package (weighing 88 g 1200 tablets) is equivalent to approximately 5.5-6.5 kg sugar. But the use Sukrazit funds will not affect the harmony of shapes unlike the latter.

Means used to sweeten beverages such as tea or coffee. It is highly soluble in water. Usually used means on the following principle: one tablet per 200-300 ml of the beverage.

It is possible to use the drug and for the preparation of farinaceous foods, as well as various jams, jelly, mousse and other similar products, in which sugar is used. Despite the fact that there are certain application rates sweetener in some liquids it dissolves a little differently than in the water, and its taste may be distorted. Therefore it is recommended to constantly monitor the level of sweetness of the product.

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