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The benefits for the health of wild cherry

Bird cherry - tree, which is abundant flowering, you can enjoy every year. But in addition to the beautiful fragrant flowers, the plant provides also valuable fruit. Benefits and harms of bird cherry - current issue for those who are not indifferent to traditional medicine and home cooking.

Looks like cherry

Sometimes cherries is a large shrub, sometimes grows as a tree, reaching up to 10 m in height. Dense crown consists of ovoid or oblong leaves, pointed at the edges.

Blossoms in May and June, producing brush white flowers, exuding a strong, sweet scent - in this period, a bird cherry easiest to recognize. Berries in a tree round, black, usually no more than 1 cm in diameter, on the branches they appear in July and August.

Chemical composition and caloric content

Energy value berries birdcherry small as 100 g of fruit contained only 101 calories. But here there is not only in the amount of carbohydrates 16.8 g, but also proteins - their volume is 8.4 g Fats in the fruit plants there.

The use of wild cherry is due to its vitamin content. The berries of the plant contain:

  • Vitamin C in considerable quantities;
  • basic microelements - magnesium, zinc, iron and copper;
  • rutin or vitamin P;
  • relatively rare cobalt and manganese;
  • tannins;
  • malic and citric acids;
  • pectin;
  • polysaccharides and volatile.

How useful cherry

Due to the saturated composition, cherry benefits for the whole body. In particular, the plant:

  • very good for gastro-intestinal disorders because of its astringent properties;
  • effectively reduces inflammation;
  • quickly stop diarrhea;
  • lowers fever, diaphoretic and diuretic properties;
  • strengthens blood vessels and the heart;
  • eases toothache and helps with angina.

Listed healing effect is all of the plants - fruits, flowers, leaves and bark.

The benefits of berries

Berry - the most valuable part of the plant. Their benefit is that the fruits or infusions based on them:

  • soothe toothaches and discomfort in the gums;
  • disinfect wounds and abrasions;
  • promote healing of injuries;
  • diarrhea have a pinning effect;
  • eliminate nausea.

Attention! Fruit stones are poisonous - they contain a dangerous substance amygdalin. Eating them in any case impossible - for medicinal and culinary purposes is suitable only pulp.

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