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Benefits and harms of chicory

Chicory - a perennial plant of the family Asteraceae. The extract of the roots of its use for the production of syrups and sublimated drinks that are popular for many centuries. The study of the properties of this plant showed rich content of vitamins, macro- and micronutrients that can improve health. However, some doctors recommend people with care to avoid foods containing chicory.

Beneficial features

Raw materials in preparation for the sale is not treated with chemicals. This helps to preserve all the beneficial qualities. Chicory roots are rich in protein and carbohydrates, but its main value lies in the unique combination of nutrients. The most important is considered to be a high content of inulin, which is known pronounced probiotic properties and is used as a natural sugar substitute. The product is the source of carotene, tannins, pectins, vitamins, nicotinic and carboxylic acids. Chicory extract is also rich in certain minerals:

· Potassium;

· Calcium;

· Sodium;

· Phosphorus;

· Magnesium;

· Iron;

· Selenium;

· Copper;

· Manganese;

· Zinc.

The results of medical studies show that chicory has the following health benefits:

· Strengthening the immune system;

· Restoration of intestinal microflora;

· Elimination of toxins;

· Cancer prevention;

· Lowering cholesterol;

· An anti-inflammatory effect;

· Reduce swelling;

· Choleretic effect;

· Strengthening the nervous system.

Use of the beverage has no effect on blood pressure. In the absence of caffeine in the product, it can be used even at night.


Chicory roots are not toxic, but because of the saturated composition, in some cases the use of recommended limit. The main contraindications include:

· Tendency to allergies;

· During pregnancy;

· Biliary tract disease - because of the possibility of displacement of stones;

· Gastritis and gastric ulcer - occurs irritation upon contact with mucosal damage;

· A tendency to varicose veins.

It is not recommended to drink chicory children under 3 years of age and nursing mothers, as well as possible allergic reactions.

Increased use of chicory can lead to hypervitaminosis, or allergies. Beneficial effects on the body occurs only with moderate use in the diet: no more than 3-4 cups a day. The product can be added to the juice and mix with milk or cream.

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