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Is it true that mustard cures many diseases?

It has long been considered mustard indispensable tool in the treatment of colds. Mustard is widely used as a seasoning. Combined, and meat and bread, and even soups. All of these qualities make people think that the mustard useful product. But many people forget that every plus, there is always a minus.

The rich mustard

The structure includes a plurality of mustard groups vitamins D, K, and R. Also includes ascorbic acid, protein, dietary fiber.

It enhances all kinds of metabolic processes. Improves and accelerates intestinal activity.

  • It works better than "mezima" to eliminate bloating and flatulence.
  • Used as the prevention of cancer.
  • Mustard is useful to eat people with the disease of diabetes. It lowers blood sugar figures.
  • Widely used in various diets since enhances and speeds up the metabolism.
  • Removes fecal stones, combats constipation. Is the prevention of hemorrhoids.
  • Slows down the aging of internal organs.
  • A positive effect on the skin. The use of mustard, to save people from acne.
  • Externally applied when removing the rheumatic pains, as well as for the rapid dispersal of bruises.

This is not the full list, which you can use mustard. With its help treat hypertension, inflammation, and bronchitis. The people, all rheumatism and even dermatic disease.

Very often, mustard is used for weight loss externally. Girls and women make wraps. Searing seasoning, penetrating deep into the skin, gets rid of unwanted cellulite.

Widely known for mustard plasters. They are used for the treatment of prolonged cough or bronchitis. A paste other, with joint pain.

Mustard refers to aphrodisiacs. Action mustard on the male body has long been scientifically proven. Under the action of the product improves blood circulation in the groin area.

Not mustard and medical reference. There is a feeling that there is no disease, which she can not cope without difficulty. But, as elsewhere, there are bumps in the smooth and history.

Excessive consumption of mustard can cause stomach problems and even heart. As a result, it may appear shortness of breath and fainting.

Mustard is forbidden to eat before going to bed. If you are at night, smeared hlebushek, be prepared to look at the ceiling.

The product stimulates the secretion of gastric juice, therefore, increases the appetite. People are prone to be overweight, you need not eat the seasoning.

In your home, mustard is used only as a condiment?

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