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Why engineering and geological surveys are needed

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Why engineering and geological surveys are needed

Regardless of the purpose, each capital structure is directly tied to the conditions of the area and, in particular, to the underlying soil. In many ways, it is the properties of soils that determine what materials the structure will be built from, which determines the need for a complex of pre-project geological and engineering work. Such a study gives an understanding of the physical, technical and mechanical characteristics of soils and their bearing capacity. It is also important to determine the level of corrosion activity, which is closely related to the ability of soils to retain moisture. result engineering and geological surveys there may be an identification of factors that pose a danger to a planned or existing construction site.

What works include geological surveys

Engineering geology for the design of buildings, roads or a private site includes a number of basic activities:

  • Drilling several test wells (exploratory drilling). Their number is greater, the larger the structure being built. As a rule, these are 3-5 wells to a depth of 8-10m.
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  • Soil sampling. Depending on the purpose of the object, sampling is carried out at depths from 5 to 20 m.
  • Analysis of selected samples in the laboratory.
  • Drawing up a report on the results geological surveys with recommendations for the prospects of construction.

The cost of works on engineering geology

It is obvious that the volume of work in engineering geology for the construction of a private house and an industrial enterprise differ significantly.

The least expensive is the study of the territory without signs of economic activity, for example, meadows. Difficult to explore areas include areas with dense buildings.

It can be argued that a study under a linear object is cheaper than under an areal one. The developer will be able to determine the exact amount of expenses only after providing introductory information and the arrival of a specialist to the site to assess possible labor costs.

The main parameters that determine the cost of surveys include:

  • The area of ​​the study area.
  • Number of wells.
  • Well depth.
  • The complexity of laboratory research.

With several indicators, a preliminary cost of geological surveys be able to calculate it yourself. This can be done, for example, in the corresponding section of the company's website "Georegion Moscow”, which knows the territory of the Moscow region well, has special equipment and its own laboratory. The company also accepts orders for urgent engineering and geological projects.

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