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What is useful brew?

Since ancient times, all we heard and know about kvass. Mention of it, is found in the oldest tales. And now, the people are very fond of the drink in the heat. He removes the great thirst, nourishes and restores strength.

What is the brew as it is produced and how it is useful or harmful, we now describe.

Kvass produced by partial fermentation. It is considered a soft drink, but still a small share of 1.2% in the kvass is admissible. The drink is bread, berries and fruit. Kvass is considered low-calorie drinks, this it can be drunk people sitting on a diet.

The kvass contains a great variety of useful elements. The structure includes:

  • Proteins, vitamins, almost all denominations.
  • Minerals and trace elements such as copper, phosphorus, calcium, manganese and many others.
  • Carbon dioxide and lactic acid.
  • 8 amino acid species.

Prepared in compliance with all rules, kvass is not only well quenches thirst, but also a curative drink.

Kvass will help the body cope with beriberi. It is rich in vitamins composition, easily make up for the lack of them.

Acid contained in the drink, and normalize the heart and prevent the occurrence of heart attack.

Normalizes the bowels. The drink is not allowed to develop dysbiosis.

Components of kvass, to save you from insomnia and nervous disorders.

With regular use of the drink lowers cholesterol and reduces the risk of formation of cholesterol plaques.

It is important to know what kvass, strengthens tooth enamel.

Yeast, which are formed in kvass, allow diabetics to lower blood sugar levels.

Like any most useful product, brew has its negative sides. There are a number of diseases in which it is impossible to include a brew in your diet. Kvass is prohibited:

  • People with developing cirrhosis.
  • All cancers, implies a ban on the drink.
  • All diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, can not tolerate brew.
  • Gallstones also put a ban on the consumption of fizzy drink.

But not all the sick, so drink kvas. In it, like it or not, the benefits still significantly greater than the potential harm. Palatability of the beverage is also at altitude.

I would like to ask the readers in your family are kvass? Whether it is often in your fridge?

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