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Whether the instant coffee is harmful

Coffee is one of the most popular beverages. The habit of brewing coffee beans, which will not only bring pleasure, but also stimulate, firmly established in our lives. But it is necessary to treat more carefully to the choice of this product. Benefits and harms of instant coffee - a subject of frequent debate, because it improves brain function, muscle tone, clears the body of toxins, but the abuse negatively affects the functioning of the heart, urinary system, worsens the quality of sleep.

What is instant coffee

Brewed coffee is made from coffee beans which are ground to a fine powder, or converted into small granules. Grain pass through many stages of processing, so you can easily dissolve them in hot water and enjoy the coffee flavor and aroma.

Forms of soluble coffee

Manufacturers offer a product in the form of:

  • powder;
  • granules;
  • sublimated version.


Way to bring beans to a powder - the easiest and cheapest, so Brewed coffee is most accessible in terms of price and therefore popular. Technology consists in crushing the raw grains to small grains. Then they are fried, treated with boiling water under high pressure, is cooled and dried by hot air stream.

In this case, the grain processing method losing many useful properties. For example, at high temperatures it decomposes chlorogenic acid, part of the fresh coffee. This substance activates fat burning, increases the elasticity of the vascular cells, strengthens muscles and bones, and normalizes blood sugar levels.


Sublimation allows to preserve the beneficial properties of soluble coffee and its taste. Coffee mass eliminate the essential oils and allowed to freeze under vacuum at a temperature of -40 oC. The resulting infusion under special conditions, freezing is converted into dry powder, which is then pulverized. This treatment allows to preserve the beneficial properties of the grains.


Granulated coffee looks like a mass of lumps. Ready powder churning with steam into pellets, which are then easily dissolved in boiling water and give the drink a rich color. With this technique it maximizes the solubility of pellets, but suffer palatability and useful properties.

Coffee beverage has an invigorating effect and has useful properties.

When high-quality coffee processing maximally keeps useful substances necessary for metabolic processes. Nicotinic acid (vitamin PP) lowers cholesterol, improves hair structure and metabolic processes in the body, increases vascular elasticity. Calcium and phosphorus are essential for strong bones, sodium participates in krovoobmennom process.

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Coffee - an indispensable tool in losing weight, since it contributes to enhanced lipolysis - due to the content of caffeine. Calories 100 grams of soluble grains is approximately equal to 119 kcal, natural - 201 kcal.

Is useful soluble coffee

Hot drink tones up the body and helps to feel cheerful in the morning. In addition, soluble coffee has benefits for the human body:

  • as a source of antioxidants;
  • popular stimulant - due to the presence of caffeine;
  • to reduce the likelihood of developing cancers - the presence of which ensures polyphenols;
  • obstacle in the development of diabetes;
  • lowering the risk of Alzheimer's disease, Parkinson's;
  • increase sperm activity, improved erections - men;
  • metabolism acceleration;
  • aid weight loss;
  • stimulation of the brain - in moderation.

The harm of instant coffee

Regular consumption of coffee products in large quantities is harmful to the cardiovascular system. Instant coffee has the following negative characteristics:

  • addictive;
  • provoke the development of diseases of the digestive system (gastritis, digestion disorders);
  • on an empty stomach lead to intoxication;
  • provoke dehydration - because of the diuretic properties;
  • affect the liver and pancreas - enzymes;
  • harm the functioning of the heart;
  • addictive.

Interesting! Despite the exciting effect, drinking more than 3 cups of instant coffee a day can cause drowsiness, depression.

Contraindications to the use of instant coffee

Given the fact that the composition of invigorating soluble beverage is far from perfect, its use should be moderate.

Who is contraindicated in instant coffee:

  • High blood pressure and people with heart diseases. Caffeine greatly increases the pressure promotes tachycardia. With frequent use of shortness of breath.
  • Pregnant women. Relative benefits and harms of instant coffee for women note the main thing: the abuse coffee blends during pregnancy can cause serious disturbances in the development of the fetus, and sometimes it fading. Subsequently, already in-born babies can be revealed various deviations neuralgic character.
  • Men with hormonal disorders. The question of the benefits and dangers of instant coffee for men is just as important as toofeynye grains contain the composition of matter, similar in nature to the female hormones - estrogen. They are called "testosterone murderers." The increased estrogen in men leads to an enlarged prostate and an increased risk of developing cancer of the gland, and therefore: reduction of potency, loss of muscle tone, increase in breast size and stomach. However, these negative properties are manifested more often the abuse of brewing coffee.
  • People with any impairment of renal function. Great use of instant coffee is bad for the kidneys and leads to the accumulation of stones in them.
  • To old people. Coffee products have a negative impact on the nervous system, resulting in severe disruption of sleep.
  • Children. Parents need to eliminate caffeine from the child's diet. Otherwise, the consequences in the form of aggression, excessive irritability, lethargy and depression can not be avoided.

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