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Motherwort: therapeutic properties and contraindications, as taking

Benefits and harms of Leonurus - important question, because in the home medicine, this herb takes pride of place. To understand when to take it, you need to understand the features and the unique properties of plants.

Looks like and where it grows motherwort

Motherwort herb is a perennial herb with straight stem, densely covered with hairs and petiolate hairy leaves. Blossoms from June to September with beautiful pink or purple flowers. It was his adopted flowering tops collected and used for medicinal purposes.

Grass grows everywhere - motherwort can be found in Europe and Asia, in Siberia and in the Middle East, across the middle zone of the globe. The plant prefers light soils in meadows and river banks. Motherwort often can be found in landfills, old quarries and vacant lots - this feature it owes its name.

The chemical composition of Leonurus

Motherwort has healing properties, due to its internal structure. The leaves and stems of the plant contain:

  • Vitamins A and E;
  • vitamin C;
  • beta-carotene;
  • potassium and sulfur;
  • sodium and calcium;
  • flavonoids and tannins;
  • sugars and saponins;
  • bitterness and alkaloids;
  • essential and fatty oils;
  • organic acids and glycosides.

Due to the listed substances grass motherwort benefit and harm, what kind of effect it will have on the body depends on the use of literacy.

Useful properties of motherwort

The beneficial effect of Leonurus on the human body is that this plant:

  • and has a bracing effect beneficially affects the immune system able - on the background of the plant body becomes more resistant to cold and infectious diseases;
  • It calms the nervous system - the grass is very recommended for use in anxiety disorders, depressive states and sleep disorders;
  • a diuretic and helps get rid of edema;
  • having anticonvulsant effect it can therefore be used in epilepsy;
  • It helps cold and cough, as has mucolytic properties;
  • It reduces inflammation and helps to improve the condition of infectious illnesses;
  • providing analgesic effect;
  • has beneficial effects on the heart and blood vessels.

The plant also is recommended for lowering bad cholesterol and glucose in the blood.

For women

Benefits pustyrnika for women is that the plant regulates hormones and has a pronounced positive effect in menopause. Medicinal teas and infusions eliminate the so-called hot flushes and improve the general well-being.

Useful properties of motherwort women occur during menstruation. based plant medicines eliminate the pain and reduce the volume of bleeding. In addition, motherwort evens mood and helps get rid of irritability and anxiety.

For men

Benefits pustyrnika for men is manifested primarily in nervous disorders. The plant helps to cope with aggression and excessive irritability, improves sleep and reduces stress levels.

Also, use motherwort useful in prostatitis and prostate adenoma. plant properties reduce inflammation and improve blood circulation in the pelvic organs.

Indications Leonurus

Useful properties Leonurus may be used in a wide range of ailments. Among the indications for use of the plant including:

  • dystonia;
  • convulsions and rapid heart rate;
  • migraines and insomnia;
  • irregular periods and menopause;
  • sluggish blood circulation;
  • angina, and myocarditis;
  • in mild forms of hypertension;
  • flatulence, and metabolic disorders;
  • inflammatory diseases of the bronchi and lungs.

Important! Drink motherwort is recommended for many disorders of the nervous system, the plant will not harm the thyroid gland diseases.

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