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How to wash the fabric blinds in the home

Today it is difficult to find a room in which the window would not be veiled by shutters. They long ago to protect people from the blinding sunlight and prying eyes of passers-by. Manufacturers produce blinds in a variety of tissues that are often cause bright pictures and interesting patterns. Using them, you can make the room more elegant and comfortable. Like any piece of furniture, they are often contaminated. Wash vertical fabric blinds is quite simple, it is only important to stick to simple recommendations.

Can I wash the blinds in the washing machine

Ease of design, reliability, reasonable price, from ultraviolet protection contributed to the fact that vertical fabric blinds have been successfully used not only for the design of windows, but also as a decoration door openings. They can be made of different materials: cotton, polyester, aluminum, plastic. On all products, especially tissue, regularly deposited dust particles and other impurities. Therefore, they definitely need to be cleaned regularly.

In the washing machine washable fabric vertical blinds. Most do not recommend experts, but if you take a responsible approach to this process, the risk of damage to them is reduced to a minimum. It is important to follow the simple recommendations.

Before washing you should run the rinse mode without dipping into the drum shutters to all detergents last rinse washings. After necessary to clean compartment of the detergent powder. You can only select several modes: "Delicate Things", "Hand washing", "gentle wash". Pressing and rinse impossible. It's worth noting that the fluid temperature should be around 30-35 ˚C, no more than 400 rpm. Otherwise, the product may be damaged.

It is important to choose the right detergent. Detergent use should not be. A high probability of damage to the slats, because often on fabric vertical blinds are traces of powder. It is advisable to buy a special gel for delicate clothing or wool. You can replace ordinary soap. It is not as effective in removing stains, but does not damage the fabric.

When the process is complete, all the rolls must be carefully unwound and carefully rinse all vertical fabric strips under running water. It is not necessary to subject the blinds to sudden temperature changes, because it can cause deformation of the material.

Important! Squeeze the blinds can not be!

Methods for washing shutters

To wash fabric vertical blinds can be a variety of ways: hand wash, machine with a steam cleaner. With the latter did not even have to shoot them. The device will remove all the dirt and dust particles will only remove the dark liquid. The treated fabric may be cleaned with a cloth which is wetted with soapy water with a small addition of vinegar. After the product should be wiped clean with water.

Attention! Do not wash the product without prior preparation. Before washing the product should be immersed for one hour warm soapy water. Because of this they are more resistant to mechanical stress.

Alternatively, detergent powder, to reduce the likelihood of damage to the product, it is necessary to use these cleaners:

  • liquid stain remover. Suitable detergent that is specifically designed for the things of delicate fabrics.
  • Ammonia. Dilute ammonia with pure water. This means you can get rid of ink stains, even if you add a pinch of baking soda.
  • Lemon juice. Effectively removes stains from drinks. On colored fabric blinds to apply the juice is not worth it, because lemon can lighten them.

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Stain can be removed from berries means nail polish remover, but only fit those which do not contain acetone.

How to wash vertical blinds in a washing machine

Fabric blinds many people without problems purified by washing machines, although many experts strongly recommend not to do it. It is important to adhere to the following rules:

  • Before being placed in the drum shutters need to remove dust with a vacuum cleaner, inveterate stains should faded manually.
  • Vertical stripes need to twist rolls 6 pieces, put them in cloth bags. To do this, you can use any unnecessary piece of cloth.
  • Wash possible at a temperature not less than 35 degrees, without spinning.
  • Fit only natural cleaning supplies, baby soap, stain remover for fur.

When the process comes to an end, you must ensure that fabric vertical blinds no traces. You can re-rinse in the washing machine.

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