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How to withdraw from the apartment of cockroaches forever

Print the cockroaches - at first glance it seems a very difficult task. Cockroaches in the apartment caused a lot of unpleasant emotions, precisely because multiply very quickly, and the elimination of yield with difficulty. But proven domestic and specialized methods can be derived quickly insects.

Location of the apartment appeared cockroaches

Contrary to stereotypes, cockroaches can occur not only in a dirty untidy home, but in a clean, neat apartment. There are several main reasons for their occurrence.

  • Migration from neighbors. If you live next door people are not watching the home clean and in their apartment breed parasites, then sooner or later unwelcome face and all the other tenants on the floor, cockroaches perebegut from apartment to apartment through the open door. Sometimes insects can migrate through the vents, cracks in the walls adjacent balconies.
  • Migration from garbage or basement. Very often suffer from parasites residents 1-2 floors if utilities monitor bad for cleanliness and order, the reproduction of insects among the filth and garbage becomes inevitable.
  • With shopping and parcels. Accidentally bring in your house of cockroaches can be with svezhepriobretennoy household furniture or equipment if the insects are found in the store and get into products. Sometimes parasites can even move from country to country, together with the sealed parcels.

Thus, cockroaches can accidentally get in absolutely any apartment. But at the same time by the owners themselves depends on how quickly and abundantly insects will thrive at home and how easy it would be to bring them.

  • The main condition for the breeding of cockroaches - access to water and food remnants. Parasites are very unpretentious and can survive by feeding on the crumbs, rotting garbage, substandard products, microscopic particles of food in the sink and on the table. It is sufficient that the food waste appeared in the open field at least from time to time - eat every day, not necessarily parasites, they may go without food for a few weeks.
  • Also helps the parasites multiply in the apartment warm temperatures and the presence of many nooks of furniture and baseboards. The stronger the cluttered room, the harder it is to control the appearance of the colonies and in time to withdraw them because the insects hide in hard to reach areas and lay their eggs there.

Important! In general, insects can be got absolutely in any apartment, but clean and neatly stowed to bring them home will be easier than from the room in which reigns unsanitary conditions.

breeding methods of cockroaches at home

Catch cockroaches by one and destroy them blow newspaper or sneaker - a very inefficient strategy. To display the large black cockroaches or small red insect, it is necessary to work on the entire colony, and not to allow the parasites to multiply. To achieve this, practice a few techniques.

  • Etching. In this case, cockroaches enclose known toxic food residues, or treated the problem areas of the apartment toxic substances with a pungent odor. Cockroaches eat poison or inhaling toxic fumes, and then die quickly. In general, the method is considered to be effective, but it has a drawback - killed only those insects that come into direct contact with the poison. Other cockroaches can remain alive and reproduce successfully.
  • freezinge - parasites can not tolerate a low temperature, so they can be displayed using the extreme ventilate the room. The disadvantages of the method include the fact that it really only applied in winter, and also by reducing the temperature may be affected not only insects, but also communication and potted plants.
  • premises insecticide treatments - in the case of toxic substances make it possible to deduce not only the insects that come into direct contact with the toxin, but also their relatives, who later successfully infect the cockroaches. The method is very effective as it helps to bring the entire colony, but it may take a while to move out of the apartment, at least for a couple of days.

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To display the pests from the apartment with a minimum of effort and time, it is necessary to get acquainted with all existing techniques.

How to bring cockroaches in the home folk ways

If a colony of cockroaches is not too large and so new, to begin with, you can try homemade ways to solve problems. It is likely that the popular methods will be enough.

How quickly withdraw from the flat cockroaches low temperature

Cockroaches like heat, so in winter you can get them by means of freezing room. The advantage of the method is that applying any effort almost not necessary. All you need to do - is to open the windows at subzero temperatures outside, and for 3-4 hours to leave the apartment to the room as it should vystudilos.

If the apartment temperature is below - 5 ° C, then die not only pests, but also laying their eggs. However, the method has several disadvantages:

  • an extreme drop in temperature during operation central heating can rupture tubes and batteries;
  • apartment for sure will remain a place where the temperature falls to a desired value, and, therefore, and parasites can survive there;
  • freezing can kill houseplants that will simply remove nowhere at airing the entire apartment.

Also, from a sharp drop in temperature may suffer electrical appliances, especially if some of them will remain on.

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