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How useful meltwater and how to do it

Melt water obtained by freezing the purified normal to impart special medicinal properties: structurally it becomes close to characteristics of the human cell protoplasm. Benefits and harms of melt water were the subject of research over the last ten years, which has allowed to collect a lot of evidence of its impact on human health.

The chemical composition and structure of the thaw water

Often the melted water is compared with the spring, the most safe to the human body.

It is divided into two types:

  • natural meltwater, which is produced under natural conditions (thawing snow, icebergs, glaciers and reservoirs).
  • artificial Melt water obtained from a previously frozen liquid.

Useful properties of thawed water due to its chemical structure. The structure of the conventional bottled water or water from the tap is ordered krupnomolekulyarnyh connection, while the melt water molecule is smaller than the pores of the cell membrane. Because of their size they can easily pass into the extracellular fluid, which helps to actively accelerate the metabolism in the body.

The scientists have found out during the research: melt water has optimal parameters pH, salinity and stiffness.

The level of the salt content therein is not more than 300 mg / L (at a rate of 200 - 400 mg / l), which explains the lack of melt water bitter or salty taste.

cation content:

  • Calcium 25 - 35 mg / L - at a rate of 150 - 200 mg / l;
  • Magnesium 5 - 10 mg / L at rate of 100 mg / l.

The composition of the anions:

Sulphate - 80 - 90 mg / l (norm - 500 mg / l);

Hydrogencarbonates - 70 - 100 mg / L (1000 mg / l);

Chlorides - 70 mg / l (350 mg / l).

Due to its chemical composition and its benefits to the human body, the melt water is also called living or life-giving: it is the best thirst quencher and helps to restore the water balance in the body.

Useful properties meltwater

Due to its healing properties, melt water will be useful:

  • in the purification of blood vessels;
  • protection of the immune system;
  • lowering cholesterol and glucose;
  • preventing the occurrence of cholesterol plaques;
  • normalization of the skin;
  • allergy treatment;
  • deliverance from harm toxins and toxic substances;
  • oxygen saturation of cells;
  • active cellular regeneration.

Meltwater helps to eliminate excess fluid and metabolic products from the intercellular space and improves system performance allocating, regulates the processes of absorption and fluid distribution throughout the body and also contributes to the normalization of the acid-base balance.

Regular consumption of melt water stimulates extracellular body fluids, thereby increasing efficiency, physical endurance and human brain activity. Improve attention and memory, and sleep becomes stronger.

More information about the benefits and dangers of the properties of frozen water can be found in the video:

The use of melt water for weight loss

The use of melt water for the female body is reflected in the first place, the figure - thanks to its healing properties:

  • accelerate metabolism and rid the body of toxic substances;
  • improve intestinal motility;
  • raise the level of nutrient absorption;
  • normalize the functioning of the digestive system;
  • obviate the damage effects of constipation and diarrhea.

Melt water used for weight loss when added to vegetable or fruit smoothies, protein shakes and sports mixture as well as in special teas.

In order to achieve maximum efficiency in getting rid of extra kilos, it should be useful to combine the drink with a proper diet and physical activity. As a result of receiving melted water absorption of mineral substances to the organism is considerably accelerated and micronutrients.

Also stimulated the lymphatic system of the body, which is beneficial for enhancing the process of liberation from the stagnation of fluid in the tissues and rejuvenate

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