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How to remove the carpet smell of cat urine

Remove the carpet smell of cat urine their own difficult, but it is possible, if you act quickly. We should not blame the pet, most of the incident is not his fault -The owner could simply close the door to the bathroom or forget to remove the tray. Resentful animal barely learned his lesson and would rather, on the contrary, out of revenge begin mark territory.

Features removing cat urine odors from carpets

One of the most common mistakes in this situation is that the owners of animals trying to kill the smell of cat urine from the carpet spirits or other flavoring agents. This will only exacerbate the problem - the perfume is not only interrupt the smell of urine, but also mixed with them, resulting in breathing in the room would be quite impossible.

The first thing to do - to bring the excess urine trapped between the villi. For this purpose the contaminated area blotted dry cloth or towel to until the surface of the carpet no longer stand out liquid. It is important to withdraw from the fibers by normal pressure as much urine as possible. Thereafter, the product can be processed improvised folk remedies or specialized cleaners.

If even after applying cleaners unpleasant odor is still palpable, albeit weakly, its remnants choke a strong aroma. Now, when the excess liquid removed and the pile has been processed, repelling odor of cat urine oriental carpet surface or carpet is realistic. For these purposes:

  • essential oils;
  • toilet water;
  • sprays and air fresheners.

A small amount of fragrance is sprayed on the carpet, paying special attention to the place of pollution - foreign fragrance will scare a cat from his mark, thereby reducing the likelihood of recurrence of unpleasant incident. With the same purpose the contaminated portion can further process a small amount of dilute juice.

Important! When choosing an industrial carpet cleaner is necessary to study its composition. In no case can not use the substance on the basis of ammonia - its remains in the carpet fibers will only attract the attention of a pet in the future.

How to derive the smell of cat urine from the carpet folk ways

If the cat urine has got to the floor, it is enough to wipe the stain dried puddle or any chlorine-containing agent - chloro here acts as a neutralizer and odor, and a method for disinfection. Unfortunately, this stuff is not well suited for carpet cleaning, especially if you want to display a motley pollution products as chlorine corrodes the paint and damage the pile. That is why at first try to deduce cat smell from the surface using folk remedies, and only then treated carpet special sprays.

In general, the fresher the stain of urine simply remove, however, inveterate stains withdraw completely at home almost impossible. Expensive products better to give to the dry cleaners as aggressive household chemicals may damage them.

How to remove the smell of cat urine from carpet with bleach

Despite the fact that with the help of chlorine very quickly can be derived from the urine stain with oriental carpet, upholstered furniture or the surface of the carpet, bleach and tools based on it are used in the most recent case, and only in monochrome products. When this substance must be highly diluted with water, as the high concentration of chlorine on the spot urine has whitening effect. In addition, chlorine pairs after this treatment can cause severe irritation to the respiratory tract of man. After application of chlorine in its pure form or as part of the cleaning agent should be thoroughly wash her remnants of lint and properly ventilate the area.

Important! According to some reviews on the net, a pair of drying chlorine only reinforce pungent smells emanating from the spot in the urine. This is explained by the chemical reaction of chlorine and uric acid.

How to bring the cat urine from the carpet alcohol

Alcohol effectively displays persistent odors, including cat urine. In pure form it is not used - the substance is mixed with water in a ratio of 1: 1 or 1: 2.

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The alcohol mixture is applied to the stain on the urine using an atomizer over 1 hour and washed contaminated area using an ordinary dish detergent or soap. If contamination is still fresh, alcohol can be replaced with vodka. The method of application is similar to that described above.

Important! Vodka and alcohol do not corrode the paint, so the funds can be applied to colored pile.

How to eliminate the smell of cat urine iodine carpet

It takes only 20 drops of iodine in 1 liter of water to bring the stain from koshechey urine. Before processing the contaminated area, wear protection in the form of rubber gloves.

Rub the stain with a solution of iodine 1-3 times, after testing the effects of the drug on a small part of the product. Iodine should not be painted pile. At 1 hour rag soaked in the solution is left on the spot from the urine, after which the treated area was washed thoroughly with water.

If necessary, can be replaced by iodo or tea brewing conditioner gum. The dosage of these ingredients with a solution of 20 well droplet in 1 liter of water.

How to remove the smell of cat urine from the Palace soap

Print the only products on the basis of glycerol may dried urine stains. Other types of soap will not do - they will not cope with the uric acid, which in percentage terms is the basis of component composition of cat urine.

½ bar of soap is rubbed on a fine grater and pour the resulting soap flakes with water - enough to ¾ of 1 tbsp. When it has dissolved, the soap composition is applied to the stain and rub with a sponge. After 2 chasa soap wash.

Tip! Increased action has a combination of soap, soda and hydrogen peroxide. For carpet cleaning must be mixed with 100 ml peroxide 1 h. l. shaving soap and 200 ml of water at room temperature. Spot soda and poured over 1 hour poured soap solution.

How to get rid of the smell of cat urine on the carpet potassium permanganate

Permanganic acid solution for cleaning a dark plain carpets, and output the contamination by small doses of the substance. In 3 l of water is not more than 1 hour. l. potassium permanganate.

The resulting solution wipe the stain of cat urine. Then the cloth is moistened profusely in the liquid and left on the contaminated site. After 1-2 hours, it was removed and washed with pure water spot has to display balances of uric acid and manganese.

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