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How to remove the smell of cigarette mouth

Get rid of the smell of cigarettes is very difficult from the mouth - almost all currently existing how extremely short-lived, so the best option is still a complete cessation of smoking. Unfortunately, even so unpleasant odor will not go away immediately - the restoration work of the salivary glands and mucous membranes will take some time.

Get rid of the smell of cigarettes, you can use specialized tools or folk ways.

Through how many cigarette odor disappears from the mouth

On average, when intensive smoking cigarette smell is weakened after 2-3 hours. That weakens, not erode - fully sharp scent will not leave alone. Microscopic particle of tobacco, and various resins are in the mucosa of the mouth from 25 to 50 hours, resulting in an unpleasant smell, anyhow, is preserved. For most people, it is not as annoying as immediately after the tightening, however, asthmatics even smell the remnants of tobacco are able to deliver a strong discomfort.

Strong-smelling products can kill the sharp scent of cigarettes, however, not every food is suitable for this purpose. Dishes with garlic, for example, only worsen the situation, however, fragrant teas, spices and milk products capable of some time to mask the pungent odor.

How to quickly remove the smell of cigarettes out of his mouth folk ways

Tobacco smell remaining after smoking a cigarette, it is very stable on its own, however, that the harm of nicotine is not limited. The fact is that it provokes a variety of diseases of the mouth, teeth and gums, which also implies the presence of symptoms malodor. Moreover, heat and cigarette smoke lead to chronic drying out of the mouth, which also serves as a cause an unpleasant smell, though of a different kind - there is intense proliferation of some elevated dryness bacteria.

Drink a glass of water in this case is not enough - as a result of long-term cigarette smoking work of the salivary glands is undergoing major changes. Tar and nicotine strongly change the composition of saliva, resulting in it can no longer fulfill their function. Get rid of the pungent aroma of tobacco products to help others.


This is one of the most popular ways to help get rid of cigarette odor. Suit various citrus fruits:

  • orange;
  • grapefruit;
  • lemon;
  • mandarin;
  • kumquat;
  • lime;
  • citron;
  • citrus.

To a few minutes to get rid of the acrid smell of cigarettes after smoking enough to eat 1-2 slices of fruit. Very soon a sharp cigarette breath will change to a pleasant citrus scent.

You can also get rid of the acrid smell of cigarettes using the peeling, which slowly chewed and resolves. If possible, it is recommended to drink fresh juice, to silence the pungent smell from the mouth, but this is not always convenient - not everyone have a juicer at home. In addition, the tobacco flavor from the mouth is often required to remove out. The juice from the store in this case, will not work - it contains a lot of sugar, which will only exacerbate the situation.

Tip! In order to quickly get rid of the smell of cigarette smoke, it is best to eat a slice of fruit with the peel - that it contains a large proportion of strong-smelling substances.


Quickly get rid of the acrid smell of tobacco will ginger, and you can use it in any form - fresh, dried, pickled, and even in the form of jam, however, the latter method is the least preferred. In order to silence the tobacco flavor from the mouth, usually used ginger root slices or dried plants - they are convenient to carry around. Suffice it to 2-3 minutes to chew ginger to get rid of the pungent smell after smoking. Copes with the smell of cigarettes tea from ginger.

Generally, ginger fullest helps to get rid of a specific smell of cigarette smoke. The fact that the scent of ginger is characterized tart notes, which gives it a resemblance to the smell of tobacco smoke. However, the product should not be abused, especially if there are problems with the gastrointestinal tract.

Important! Dried ginger plate for breath freshness must be stored in tightly twisted bank.

Tea and coffee

Another very effective way by which you can get rid of the pungent smell from the mouth after smoking - a cup of coffee or tea, green or black. At the same time it is important that the tea was strong. Especially good smell of cigarettes overlaps tea with sage, bergamot and marigold.

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Coffee as a beverage is not as effective as tea. With the smell of tobacco in the mouth better at the coffee beans - enough to chew 2-3 pieces for a couple of minutes to get rid of cigarette odor. This method is convenient because the coffee beans can easily take with you wherever you go. The main thing is to remove them with a wrapper of foil.

Important! In no case do not try to get rid of the flavor of cigarettes by a carbonated beverage. High sugar content of only promotes the growth of bacteria in the oral cavity.

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