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Plums: the benefits and harms health

Plum called small fruits orange and yellow, which are more common in the Caucasus, Crimea and Asia. But in our area plums common. This small fruit is due to the composition used in cosmetics, cooking and even improves health. We consider in detail what the benefits and harms of cherry plum.


Plums - fruit tree from the family of pink, and the subfamily plum. Cherry plum Homeland - South Caucasus. Translated from Azerbaijani means "small plum". Other names - tkemali and vishnesliva. Shrubs and trees are branched, thorny, have a brownish-green shoots. Plant height can vary from 3 to 10 m, depending on the species. Leaflets elliptical pointed upward. Vishnesliva blooms in late March, white or pink flowers, single. The fruits are round, have a yellow, pink, orange, red or purple drupe. Vishneslivy average diameter - 2.5 cm.

Halo common:

  • Balkans;
  • Average and Asia Minor;
  • Ukraine;
  • Moldova;
  • Transcaucasia and the North Caucasus;
  • Tien-Shan;
  • Iran.

Inside the fruit has a bone, it is flat and well connected to the pulp. It is difficult to separate. Fetal skin velvety, covered with a thin layer of wax plaque. Vishnesliva has a pleasant aroma and sweet-sour taste.

Plums and plum - what is the difference

Though plums and plum called small and comes from this family, it has its own peculiarities and differences:

  • Fruiting vishneslivy starts earlier, at about 20 days of March.
  • The variety was bred by breeders, so it has more nutrients in the composition.
The amount of sugar and carotene in the sink more, so it sweeter. Fruits vishneslivy a lot of calcium and acid.
The amount of sugar and carotene in the sink more, so it sweeter. Fruits vishneslivy a lot of calcium and acid.
  • Vishneslivy fruits rich in acid, that improve metabolism. It is an ideal product that you want to include people with excess weight.
  • Vishnesliva used in folk medicine as a remedy for coughs and as a choleretic. And here is a simple drain is used to improve the condition of the bones and vision.

Visible and external differences. For example, the plum fruit are large and have a blue color. Vishneslivy fruit size is smaller and more varied colors. Yet it is more juicy, cherry plum jam is a more liquid.

Attention! Even the plants are different. Plum little more finicky and plums to temperature. However, the efforts of breeders have led to the removal of a cherry plum varieties that can even tolerate temperatures down to -30 ℃.

Chemical composition and caloric content of cherry plum

Plums characterized by the fact that, unlike other fruits, it has a small amount of sugar in the composition. Ripe fruit has up to 10% of sugar, usually 3-4%. Along with plum, vishnesliva rich in organic acids such as citric and malic. As part of the fruits of the B vitamins and PP, A and E. Any small amount of ascorbic acid (vitamin C) and pectin.

List of micro- and macronutrients in the fruit:

  • Phosphorus - 25 mg per 100 g
  • Magnesium - 21 mg.
  • Potassium - 188 mg.
  • Iron - 1.9 mg.
  • Calcium - 27 mg.
  • Sodium - 17 mg.

Due to the chemical composition of fruits contribute to the assimilation of meat and fats. As for nutritional value, then vishnesliva 100 g is:

  • Protein - 200 mg;
  • dietary fiber - 1800 mg;
  • ash - 500 mg;
  • Fats - 100 mg;
  • carbohydrates - 8000 mg;
  • monosaccharides and disaccharides - 7800 mg;
  • Water - 8900 mg;
  • organic acid - 500 mg;
  • starch - 100 mg;
  • cellulose - 1800 mg.

Note! Depending on the color change and the chemical composition of the fruit. For example, bright yellow fruits rich in citric acid and sugar, and the tannins in them just yet. Vishnesliva Aronia is a source of pectin.

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