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Lymphatic Drainage Massage: Benefits and contraindications, how to do at home

The property of the lymphatic system removes harmful substances from the human body plays an important part in elimination of toxic and inflammatory processes triggered by the accumulation of waste products life. Benefits and harms of lymphatic drainage massage become a subject of discussion not only physiotherapists, but also supporters of a healthy lifestyle.

What is a lymphatic drainage massage

The lymphatic system consists of two channels through which flows the lymph: the lymphatic vein and thoracic duct. Unlike the circulatory system, its flow is stimulated not in heart, and only work the muscles related to limfososudam and respiratory organs. As a result of their delicate and cuts tissue fluid movement occurs in the body. The body also has numerous lymph nodes that perform the function of biological filters.

In accordance with this, the most important useful function of the lymphatic system is fluid filtration in the body, its purification and protection from harm exposure to infections. The lymphatic system flushes metabolic products and removes germs. lymph flow throughout the body has the ability to collect toxins and transport them to lymph nodes, with their further movement in the bud - to remove from the body.

On the function of lymph affects connective tissues if it is loose, it means that it can easily penetrate the toxins and then linger and accumulate before reaching the lymph nodes.

The use of massage in medical therapy dates back to ancient times. Lymphatic drainage massage has been developed relatively recently, in 1930, and is a delicate kind of impact on the body. Its usefulness lies in stimulating the lymphatic system of the body.

Attention! The main reasons for the current violations of lymph are sedentary lifestyle, unhealthy diet, lack of water in the body.

Since the lymphatic system is not equipped with such a pump which has a circulatory, lymphatic circulation by reducing the respiratory muscles can provide exercise.

In a passive method which is able to improve the outflow of interstitial fluid, lymph in the lymph vessels, intended to favor yield lymphatic drainage massage, which, in essence, is a compression on the effects on the body and can be a good solution to the problems of the lymph stasis (edema).

The lymphatic drainage massage apply very light pressure combined with soft pumping movements to the lymph nodes. Properties lymph drainage manipulations are useful in the activation of lymph that improves metabolism and provides support for the body in the elimination of exposure to harm of waste and toxins. Therefore, before the massage is recommended to drink pure water to help the removal of waste products.

Thus, the strengthening of the immune system that leads to the recovery of the body system.

Interesting! The lymphatic system consists of: capillary vessels and lymph nodes, which are conveyed through ducts tissue fluid in blood; as well as the lymphatic organs: tonsils, parathyroid, thymus, spleen. When the lymph flow is disrupted, a problem of stagnation of fluid, there is swelling, stasis.

How useful lymphatic drainage massage

In addition to improving the movement of lymph and eliminate to detoxify the body by improving the metabolism and faster removal of metabolic products, the benefits of lymphatic drainage massage affects the whole body:

  • to improve the appearance of the skin: the procedure has a positive effect on the face, improving its color and eliminating puffiness and dark circles under the eyes;
  • elimination of irregularities on the surface of the skin: the systematic implementation of lymphatic drainage massage to prevent harm to the development of inflammatory processes in the subcutaneous layers and the formation of cellulite;
  • reducing the resistance of blood in the arteries and facilitate the work of the heart;
  • prevention of disorders of peripheral circulation, especially in the lower limbs: the method allows you to get rid of the so-called effect of cold feet.

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