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Thistle oil: useful properties and contraindications, instructions for use

Often in pharmacies can meet such unusual drug is thistle oil. What are the benefits and harms of a thistle oil, from which make the product, and how to use it?

What and how do thistle oil

The raw material for the production of useful oil is common thistle - field plants with recognizable bright purple inflorescences, tightly clinging to clothing. Chertopolohovye seeds treated in the same cold-pressed - ie, put them under the press and high-pressure conditions, a healing oil, which preserves all valuable properties.

Quality pomace has a bright yellowish-greenish color, the smell is slightly reminiscent of roasted nuts or seeds.

Composition and calorie milk thistle oil

Useful properties of the product according saturated composition. Even a small amount of chertopolohovoy husks are always present:

  • valuable minerals - potassium, copper, iron, aluminum, magnesium;
  • manganese and boron;
  • zinc and chromium;
  • selenium;
  • flavonoids;
  • Vitamins B-group in large numbers;
  • Vitamins E and D;
  • vitamin K;
  • histamine and tyramine.

The product is quite high in calories - 100 grams falls from 880 to 900 calories. But when you consider that the means used in minimal doses, the high nutritional value can not be attributed to the shortcomings - harm from it will not.

The useful oil from the seeds of milk thistle

Oil of milk thistle benefits to the human body is that the product has a complex beneficial effect on all the systems. Namely:

  • It possesses choleretic action;
  • It works as a mild natural laxative;
  • It cleans the body of toxins and outputs the toxic substance;
  • It increases the production of gastric enzymes and helps to get rid of the syndrome of "sluggish bowel";
  • It strengthens the heart and vascular system;
  • protect eyesight;
  • It helps with colds and generally improves the immune function;
  • promotes blood clotting.

Additional benefits of milk thistle oil for men is that it proactively protects against cancer - including the prostate tumors.

Sometimes pharmacies can see the product, enriched with additional additives. For example, frequent thistle oil with selenium, which has a high antioxidant effect, retards the aging process and increase the rate of cell updates.

It is useful to whether thistle oil pregnant and lactating women

Although the use of the product is high enough, the period of carrying a child, he is not recommended for use. The fact that there may be harm from him - properties can cause premature birth, especially if the pregnancy is difficult.

True, the women themselves responses indicate that the product helps to cope with toxemia. If you enter a thistle like the diet, on the subject should consult with a physician - it will determine how dangerous a particular product at the pregnancy.

It is not necessary to use the product and during the lactation period - at least the first 4 months. It enhances the production of breast milk, but it can be harmful to babies - cause allergies and colic.

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