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How to wash a wedding dress at home

Almost always after the wedding, there is a need in the home to wash her wedding dress. Many women do not know how to do it. Dress they usually remain on the memory of a significant event. But along with stains and dirt can not be removed in a bag and hang it in the wardrobe.

There are special rules for washing of wedding dresses at home, because it is sewn from delicate fabrics and is decorated in a special way. That is why the article will provide examples of the wash of the wedding dress in the machine or by hand, as well as proper drying.

Can I wash a wedding dress in the machine

Return pristine purity is not so easy as well as at home, to be approached responsibly procedure. Before proceeding to the washing, it is necessary to understand whether the product is air, in general, put in order, at home, and more specifically, in the washing machine.

As a rule, products have labels indicating particular washing. They need to be carefully considered, and then get to work. If there is no certainty that the outfit does not hurt, it is better to turn to the dry cleaners.

How to wash a home wedding dress

Each woman knows that for washing delicate fabrics in a home environment is necessary to determine the water temperature. Also, you should choose, and the necessary means to prevent damage to festive attire.

How to wash a wedding dress in the washing machine

If the label the product is recommended machine wash, you can use it at home. But it should be understood that the wedding dress sewn from thin delicate fabrics which need to be handled carefully.

Washing at home is best to use the machine, since there are different modes in it. In addition, the need to carry out some recommendations that will help get the job done without sacrificing the product:

  • wash cycle in the washing machine should be reduced to a minimum. Gala outfit fabric of the air to be cleaned from dirt and water stains at a temperature not higher than 30 degrees. A higher rate violates the structure of the tissue, resulting in the product unfit for use.
  • We need to think about the choice of detergent, as usual detergent festive attire are not appropriate, they are very tough and aggressive. It is best to buy special solutions, which are designed for use with delicate fabrics, laces. It is important to understand that they all should be colorless.
  • Very often corset wedding dresses sewn metal decorative elements. Rip off their to wash the product at home, there is no need. But that they are not faded, do not lose the original form, it is recommended to protect them rub glycerin.
  • If your dress has a corset embroidery or embroidered with beads, this section before washing in the washing machine automatically recommend to wrap in a thick cloth.
  • In order not to damage the delicate fabric wash in an automatic washing machine, it is desirable to buy a special bag that will protect clothing from damage.
  • To wash a wedding dress made of tulle (this material lends splendor together) in a washing machine add a little starch. This product will keep the tissue structure and return the white product, the washed at home.

Important! If the thing of the delicate tissue has to be washed in an automatic washing machine, you need to choose a mode with a low number of revolutions. In addition, you need to disable the spin cycle, or a corset will be deformed, and the sensitive material is broken.

How to wash the wedding dress itself manually

Do not always wash a wedding dress in the home will suit the washing machine. There are some fabrics that have to be cleaned of dirt by hand. It is to this method of washing will have to resort to if on the product does not indicate a convenient way.

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Options for hand washing:

  • Hand washable dress vertically if contaminated with small or dirty there was only the hem of her wedding dress.
  • Horizontal washing at home is used for heavily soiled attire, when it is necessary to soak all dress entirely.

A warning! Festive attire after hand or machine wash in any case can not be wring, as this may result in deformation of the product.

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