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How useful duck eggs

Demolished duck eggs are not found in conventional stores, and therefore on their table can be seen infrequently. But it is interesting to understand what are the benefits and harms of duck eggs and how to use them in the kitchen.

Looks like and how it differs from the duck egg chicken

Distinguish duck egg from the chicken very simple: it is larger in size about a half, and sometimes twice. If the average chicken egg has a weight of about 50 g, the duck weighing 90-100 g In addition, the shells have delicious eggs are not always white: it can be a little blue or light green.

The eggs differ and taste: duck more intense and fragrant.

The composition and caloric content of duck egg

Nutritionally useful product is slightly larger than chicken eggs: 100 g, that is, approximately one egg contains 185 calories. Most of the product consists of fats which occupy about 14 g, and proteins - about 13 g. Carbohydrates in it is very small - only 0.1 g

Use of the product and its properties are due to better saturated composition. So, are present in the fresh delicacies:

  • most appropriate body vitamins: A, D, H, K, E, PP and C;
  • a wide range of B-group vitamins: B4, B2, B9, B12, B5;
  • the most important minerals: iron, phosphorus, zinc, selenium;
  • folic acid;
  • valuable amino acids.

Important! Because of it is not recommended to eat too much high-fat delicacy, not to get hurt. A pair of eggs a week would be sufficient.

Can I eat duck eggs

The most frequent question - whether to eat duck eggs. As it is easy to understand, yes. However, it is necessary to comply with small dosages, and in addition, carefully boil thoroughly the product before use in cooking. Fresh eggs can contain salmonella - a dangerous intestinal bacteria.

Useful properties of duck eggs

Valuable properties and the use of duck eggs for human manifested in the fact that they:

  • strengthen teeth and bones due to the large amount of phosphorus;
  • regulate hormones;
  • have a higher nutritional value - from them will be of great benefit with a lack of weight;
  • stimulate the body's defense system, and improve metabolism;
  • improve the quality of blood and a beneficial effect on the nervous system;
  • well affect the condition of hair and skin for men and women.

In addition, the duck eggs for men are valuable because they enhance the ability to conceive.

Is duck eggs are useful for pregnant and lactating women

In pregnancy, the product properties will bring the body to a woman a favor and have a positive impact on the fetus. However, precautions must be taken, that is a very long time to thoroughly wash and boil eggs.

But during lactation of delicacy should be abandoned altogether. Any eggs, especially duck, are a strong allergen and can cause harm to well-being grudnichka.

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Is it possible for children duck eggs

No matter how high was the use of the product, enter it in the children's diet need not earlier than in 6 years. The kids not only are often prone to allergies to egg - it is still in the fact that the stomach in young children is too sensitive. Delicious product is too heavy for a child's body and is unlikely to be acquired fully.

Important! Because in some diseases of the product properties can be harmful, it is necessary to consult a pediatrician before the first time to offer a delicacy child.

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