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How to use hydrogen peroxide for indoor plants. Create favorites for the summer in the winter without too much trouble

Recently, I replaced all kinds of fertilizing indoor plants on one. In my opinion, it is universal. My pets noticeably revived, began to bloom longer, stopped hurting.

I got rid of all the chemicals, which previously enjoyed, and completely switched to this natural fertilizer.

Which means I use to feed the flowers

Rejecting the easy-to-use, non-natural means but I fully trust hydrogen peroxide. An aqueous solution with the liquid I use for fertilizing, spraying and, if necessary, treat the flower seeds, prepared for the landing.

hydrogen peroxide replaces me some drugs and at the same time eliminates many of the problems:

· Saturates the soil in the pot oxygen;

· Protects against root rot;

· Good coping with disease-causing organisms;

· Contributes to the formation and development of buds;

· Fertilize and disinfects the soil.

The concentration of the solution depends on the frequency of watering. For daily food I make a weaker mix: per liter of water add just three drops of three percent peroxide. The same composition spray the ground part of the plant.

If the fertilizer am making rare example once a week, the ratio of water to peroxide should be 10: 1.

Sometimes spraying replace wiping with leaves. This process also disinfects the green mass, but you should not get involved, you must comply with at least a five-day interval. I do not forget about the lower leaves, young shoots and trunk. They also need to be processed.

If I treat the ground, be sure to put away the top layer of at least 1 centimeter. After fertilization, I fill up the required amount of land.

Some gardeners, especially beginners, the question may arise: why is the means the most in demand. The answer is simple: colors like watering with rain water, because it contains more oxygen. Adding water even typed tap water, a few drops of peroxide, its composition changes, acquiring properties of natural precipitation.

Tips and warnings

The frequency of watering and feeding should be individualized, depending on the type of plant and its preferences. Some like moisture, and other unpretentious.

I have a lot of flowers in the apartment and each has found an individual approach. I control the number of watering, feeding time. For example, I begin to fertilize decembrist hard since November, before flowering.

The solution was made just before watering. If prepared in advance, then the effect will not be as peroxide quickly disappears from the water.

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