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October - time to feed Dekabrist: 3 best tools to elegant flowering

One of the most unusual colors decembrist (Zigokaktus) pleases her blossoming in the winter, when many plants are already asleep. The basis of the lush flowering I laid in October, begin to feed the plant abundantly.

In addition to the complex mineral fertilizers, I use my years of proven organic fertilizing.

I want to share three best means than decembrist feed in the autumn to get a gorgeous winter flowering.

1.Bornaya acid

By using this tool, it is not desirable to water it at the root, it is best to spray once every 10 days from the sprinkler. Dekabrist, fan periodic spraying.

I am preparing a solution before use, storage is not subject to: 1g. boric acid diluted in two liters of rainwater. But only spray the plant or in cloudy weather or tidy up the plant in partial shade, otherwise you can cause burn spots.

Still there is one small but important secret: the solution applied at the birth of the first buds, every 10 days, repeat until complete flowering.

2.Zolny infusion

I only use the ashes of certain trees, namely apple, cherry, birch, linden, plum. If possible, I try to connect at least three of burned trees.

In no case do not use quince, dogwood and walnut root system will burn immediately.

Components of wood ash:

· Calcium, activates growth;

· Potassium and phosphorus stimulates flowering;

· Silicon and magnesium, necessary for the life of the plant.

Preparing the solution very fast and easy: 2 st.lozh. stir the ash in a liter of boiled (cold) water, let stand for 3-4 hours. This tincture can be fed once every 10 days.

3. apple dressing

Apples are sliced ​​into small pieces, and 1/3 filling cans, made up to the top of the settled water, covered with gauze, put in a cool place and insist 10-12 days.

I water the prepared infusion without diluting with water. In this feeding contains all the necessary elements for chemical plants: Fe, P, Ca, K and others.

For abundant blooms Decembrists, it must be fed throughout the season.

Butoniziruetsya it with timely application of nitrogen fertilizer, potassium and blooms with abundance. Among other things, the soil should always be phosphorus, and trace elements in sufficient quantities.

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