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Guar gum (E412): effects on the body and application

When choosing products in supermarket buyers are often faced with the "dangerous" designations "E" on the labels and decide not to buy them. Such mistrust is justified. However, not everyone knows that there is a safe and useful even among additives labeled "E". Among them - the additive E412, which is not only not harmful, but it is the assistant of people leading a healthy lifestyle. Benefits and harms of guar gum - a little disclosed theme, it is helpful to understand in detail.

What is guar gum and how it is produced

Guar gum or guar - it's only plant product, the use of which as a stabilizer, thickener and texturizers used in the food industry, without harm to the body. This supplement can be found on the labels in the supermarket or pharmacy under the designation E412 in different kinds of yogurt, ice cream, confectionery, ketchup and mayonnaise, as well as in preparations for weight loss.

Guar gum is made in the form of a white or yellow powder which is highly soluble in water and has a peculiar odor. E412 is obtained from the seeds of guar bean extraction - the fruit of the Indian acacia. Each such 15-centimeter to three pod is small seeds which are rich in higher polysaccharide - galaktominom or gum. Gum - it is, in fact, acting on the surface of plants thick tree sap or resin.

The origin of its guar gum is from the western regions of India and Pakistan, where there is up to 80% of its supplies to the world market. Since the beginning of the twentieth century it was recognized as a plant suitable for human use, and on an industrial scale it began to develop after the Second World War, mainly as a thickener, first papermaking and textiles, toothpaste, shampoo, and only later - in the production of food products.

The chemical composition of guar gum

Guar gum as vegetable polymer containing a simple sugar (galactose), a hydrocolloid, - substance which, when dissolved in water and other liquids capable of forming a gelatinous mixture, stable to freezing. This property has its highest benefit for the food industry and is actively used to thicken a variety of products.

Characteristically, the addition of salts or acids does not change the viscosity of a guar solution.

Guar gum contains a lot of useful fatty acids.

Guar gum has good compatibility with other vegetable hydrocolloids: agar, locust bean gum, pectin, metiltsellyulozaidrom.

What is the guar gum and where it is used

In our time, the active areas of the application of guar gum are:

  • food industry has adopted such properties of guar gum: gelling and viscosity improvers - in the preparation of dairy and a jelly-like product, slower crystallization at low temperatures - for ice cream products imparting special fluffiness - in baking, fixation consistency - in production of fats, sauces, jams, preserves, juices;
  • cosmetic industry "straddled" is the property of guar gum as the ability to retain moisture and texture, for example, creams, and also for application of cosmetic products - to create a semblance of the skin film, which can be protected from drying out and the negative factors;
  • production of drugs against diabetes and dietary supplements using E412 properties affect the absorption of sugar by the body;
  • in cattle due to the high content of fiber guar waste is used as cattle feed.

Interesting! Modern technologies of industrial production guar gum products because of its property creating bunches capable of increasing yield, which ultimately significantly increases the commercial benefit enterprises.

How useful guar gum

The biological effect of guar gum because of its unusual properties is manifested primarily due to the impact on the digestive system.

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It is inherently complex simple sugars and absorbed by the body only in small doses, guar gum, similar to the fiber performs function "broom" for the digestive tract, helping to remove it from harmful residues and thus frees it from toxins and slags.

In addition to cleansing the body, the beneficial properties of guar gum can work wonders:

  • effectively suppressing appetite;
  • providing a laxative effect;
  • stabilizing the pH of the digestive tract;
  • supporting the proliferation of beneficial bacterial flora.

Scientific research on the guar gum have also shown that its member galactamannan:

  • responsible for suppressing and reducing the number of connections and the viruses that cause various intestinal diseases;
  • It has anticancer and antioxidant properties;
  • It has the advantage as a hypoglycemic agent capable of reducing blood sugar, which makes it possible to use it for the prevention of diabetes.
  • as the adsorbent and detoxifying agent reduces the level of cholesterol and saturated fats within the body that has exclusive use for the prevention of obesity and atherosclerosis.

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