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Benefits and harms of ginger for health of men and women

Useful properties and contraindications ginger excite many as spicy spice ingredient acts tens dishes. You need to learn all the key features of the product, to determine when it is beneficial and when it can cause harm.

Looks like and where it grows ginger

Ginger - spice plants, is widely known in cooking and healthy recipes. Spice growing mainly in the warmer countries - in Asia and India, Australia and Indonesia, in China.

Looks useful ginger rather inconspicuous. The natural growth medium it is similar to the reeds, because it has the same long straight stems, reaching 1.5 m in height, and preferably inflorescences brown, red or yellow in color, similar to ears. root plants is a branched tuber coated light gray skin.

The chemical composition of ginger

Benefits and harms of ginger for health depend largely on the amount of spices. But if you use the product in small doses, the impact on the body will be positive. The fact that it is composed of:

  • curcumin - important substance with immunomodulating and analgesic properties;
  • essential oils and amino acids;
  • cellulose;
  • phosphorus and sodium;
  • linoleic, oleic and caprylic fatty acids;
  • gingerol beneficial agent that is responsible for reducing weight;
  • vitamins - B, C and A;
  • iron, zinc, aluminum, and chromium;
  • potassium, selenium, calcium and magnesium;
  • Capsaicin - a valuable alkaloid.

The product does not contain cholesterol, this lies especially enjoyed the ginger to the human body, as it does not harm the state of blood vessels.

The ginger is useful for the organism

Benefits and harms of ginger to the human body are combined with each other. But the positive qualities of the product much more. With regular inclusion in the diet of healthy ginger:

  • prevents diarrhea and flatulence, improve digestion as a whole;
  • relieves nausea, what is the special benefits of ginger for the body of women during pregnancy;
  • eliminating inflammation in case of problems with your teeth and gums are very useful just to chew pieces of ginger root;
  • It improves the vessels performance and aligns the pressure is very significant benefits of ginger for the heart;
  • accelerates blood circulation;
  • It improves memory and tones body;
  • helps with helminths - the use of ginger for the human body is that it eliminates the parasites;
  • It has beneficial effects on the skin and gets rid of acne and acne;
  • It promotes weight loss - ginger root accelerates the metabolism and getting rid of the extra kilos is faster;
  • It has a positive effect on constipation.

Also benefits from ginger cholesterol and another product helps align the emotional background and get rid of anxiety and depression.

Benefits of ginger for women

Worthy of special mention of the benefits and harms of ginger for women. The product has a positive effect on the reproductive system - reduces inflammation, improves the uterine tone, promotes fertility. Benefits of ginger for women over 50 is that the root helps to cope with the symptoms of menopause and improve health.

Use fresh ginger manifested in the effect on product appearance. The root is often found in homemade recipes beauty, it improves the condition of skin and curls, is effective in the fight against stretch marks and cellulite.

Properties of ginger for men

Benefits of ginger for the body of men is that the product acts as a natural aphrodisiac. It improves blood circulation and muscle tone, increases libido and potency. Ginger manifested use for men with prostate, anti-inflammatory properties of the product to prevent the occurrence of prostate diseases.

In addition, to the use of ginger for men can be attributed to strengthening properties.

Attention! The product does not harm the athletes, he will raise endurance and vitality, will help to achieve great success.

From what helps ginger

Benefits and harms of ginger root are known in medicine, not only in national but also in the official. The product can be found in many home recipes, assign it to alleviate the condition, and qualified doctors. Useful ginger appropriate to apply:

  • with varices and atherosclerosis;
  • at gastric irritation and chronic ailments of the liver and kidneys;
  • prostatitis and reduced libido;
  • infertility and gynecologic inflammations;
  • diabetes and susceptibility thereto;
  • with joint diseases - osteoarthritis, arthritis, rheumatism;
  • headache;
  • in diseases of the oral cavity;
  • in a wide range of respiratory ailments - from catarrhal cough to asthma;
  • angina and influenza;
  • skin diseases and allergic irritations.

In order for the beneficial properties of ginger to the human body emerged in full force and damage the product did not bring, we must control the dosage and follow a proven recipes.

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