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We make the beds, you will not need to dig every year. very practical

I confess - the country I like to collect tasty harvest than to till, to deal with pests and of course - to dig. This went on for years until one magazine I found out about an interesting way to equip the beds, you do not want to dig a year!

So, first you need to find a place - it should be an area with good light. Orientation beds - strictly north-south. The length of the beds can be any, but is always recommended width of 40-50 cm.

I felt very comfortable to arrange them in the form of elongated rectangles. If the beds will be some - they are separated at intervals of not less than 70 cm, and even better - 90-100 cm.

Each bed is formed within the fence - skirting height of 20-30 cm, which can be built out of anything:

· Logs;

· Bricks;

· Stones;

· Bars;

· Boards;

· Slate.

One such flower bed located close to the flower garden, I overlaid it with stones - large and smaller, but still - colored. Planted on it a little bit fashionable varieties of cabbage, greens and colorful tiny pumpkins - turned out beautifully, magnificently!

But back to the arrangement of beds. At the bottom you need to lay a paper or cardboard, rigid mesh, there is no one piece, and the segments overlap. The main thing - that in the end turned out to be closed the entire bottom of the beds.

At the bottom it is necessary to pour large clean sand, and on top of it - is good, plump layer every kind of plant coarse debris - the remains of sunflower, maize, suitable even chopped branches.

It is at this stage can be embedded in the bed of a hose for watering - thus, be able to implement the technology "selfdistributed" water. But I have to refuse it - watering was accustomed.

The next step is a must and the beds filled with all sorts of soft plant residues. For example - the tops of potatoes or carrots, cabbage external sheets.

Then all you need to pour the infusion. Can be prepared from herbs, it is possible - from the manure.

A top and most important layer of beds for which all and afoot, it is the land, it will need to shell out so that the thickness was 8-10 cm.

And no matter how it looked amazing - the annual digging these beds do not really need! All great growing as is. Furthermore, crop plants receive nutrients from the bottom layer.

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