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The scrub pen with linoleum

Linoleum - a favorite among budget flooring. This is not surprising, because the material is easy to clean, does not attract dirt, does not burn and is used for a long time. Significantly reduce "life" coating may particularly persistent pollutants, such as markers, ink, brilliant green. He who once tried to scrub the marker with linoleum, non-first-hand knowledge - to make it difficult.

The fate of the modern housewives facilitates an impressive list of special tools, among which we can find and the "chemistry" to remove the marker from the floor tracks. But there are more affordable ways - traditional remedies - some of them to cope even better special.

Methods for removing the marker from linoleum

Not only small children can show off the floors in the room, adults too often left traces of the markers on the beautiful linoleum. For example, accident "cherkanut" to cover possible construction marker during repairs.

No matter how it happened, the first thing to do - take the same pen and see what is written on it. The primary task - to find out the composition of the "culprit" fresh stains.

To date, the sale are three types of markers, different base material:

  • pens, water-based;
  • alcohol markers;
  • markers, which is composed of oil.

Select means for scrubbing the marker follows the principle of "like with like". If the track on the linoleum by a felt pen, water-based, it can be easily removed with warm water or soap powder. Ethanol scour from surface markers using solvents: white spirit, benzene, acetone, alcohol, or ether. Oil markers should be easy to scrape off the linoleum conventional sunflower oil.

Most ominous of all markers - permanent. This category is particularly resistant markers used for cutting building materials, the application of indelible inscriptions on fabric, leather, concrete. Coloring permanent marker particles are particularly aggressive, they rapidly absorbed into the top layer of any material and is very difficult to output therefrom. To cope with the pollution will be very difficult. But if you act quickly, you can scrub the cover and on such complex stains.

Oddly enough, plays a major role and color contamination. Tint marker depends on the type and amount of pigments in its composition. Thus, the most difficult to scrub the red, brown and blue "drawings" - markers of these colors are removed from the surface of the linoleum is much more difficult to rest.


Rarely on inexpensive felt-tip pens write the composition, and time to deal with this issue too little. In this case, it is necessary to do so:

  • As soon as the coating is dirty, thoroughly moisten the cloth with warm water and firmly rubbed stain. If the spot "subjects" gradually rubbed off the floor, and the cloth is stained, it can be considered a good luck - the basis of the marker in the water. Continue cleaning is possible with the addition of detergent or soap.
  • If the water has no effect on the stain from the token, you need to change tactics quickly. Now, a cotton swab or cosmetic disc be wetted in any solvent: purified gasoline, acetone. First, you do not need to rub the stain, it is better, however, "promakivat" track from the marker. By color wadding or tissue would be appreciated, the pigment dissolves the substance or not.
  • At least, you need to try to scrub oil pen (oil markers are very few, but they are, nevertheless, occur). It will be just a few drops of oil on a clean paper towel.

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A warning! Linoleum - porous material, so any contamination to penetrate deep into the structure of the coating. Begin to scour the pen is necessary in the first few minutes, until he did not have time to absorb.

Markers can be rubbed on the linoleum very slowly, so it's easy not to notice that the spot is reduced, it becomes more and more dim. To choose the right tactics, cleaning is better to take a white cloth, a cloth or cotton wool. On a light material immediately become visible pigment particles - then scour continues marker selected method.

You can not be soaked spots on the floor covering as it is done on fabrics. Regardless of the type of agent selected for scrubbing the marker, it must be removed from the floor as quickly as possible. Otherwise there is a risk to increase the area of ​​the stain on the linoleum.

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