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Crassula: Fundamentals formirovki elegant crown

Crassula, Crassula or she is a money tree, belongs to the potted plants surrounded by a mystical significance and completely unpretentious.

However, to Crassula it was healthy and impressive appearance, it is necessary to observe certain rules of care.

When I started the first time Jade, she grew up in my chaotic, but eventually, primerivayas the experience of other people and the scientific literature, I gave the following rules for the formation of its crown.

Of great importance are the conditions - you need a lot of sunlight, but not burned to the direct rays. In the absence of lighting stalk is pulled Crassula, branches grow crooked and Crown loses symmetry.

Often do not need to be watered - plump leaves can accumulate moisture, but to spray and wipe them from the dust is necessary more often - so the plant will be easier to "breathe."

Harmful to make too much of fertilizers - by its very nature, this plant is adapted not only to drought, but also to poor soils.

The first time I form Crassula young - yet growing at 1 barrel. It should be easy to find on the upper part of the shoot bud growth (among the top rosette of leaves) and carefully cut it.

Thus, I define where the crown of the tree will begin, and now it does not grow up and to the side - usually rush from the axils of the leaves 2 sprigs simultaneously.

Similarly, the need to be shortened, and the side shoots - where each occurs 3-4 pairs of leaves.

When the jade tree grew - with crown becomes to work even more interesting! Of course, this is not the Japanese art of bonsai, but it is also possible to create something beautiful luxurious, thick.

To trim the adult plant I take a garden pruner, or if not at hand - a sharp knife.

Then proceed as follows:

1. Mentally I imagine once again, what form will the plant after removal Primechenie branches.

2. Without haste prune branches, always stepping up from the kidney to the 1.5-2 cm. This technique is growing Crassula Yeshe better. Small twigs, by the way, you can cut close to the trunk directly.

3. Sections were no treat - Crassula plant with strong immune systems, so they dry out quickly and tightened bark.

4. Cropped in most branches of some of the largest leaves, but never touch a miniature leaves on the ends.

And I want to emphasize - slices should be strictly straight! One did not work neatly turned trimming with recesses and as a result - Crassula beginning to rot. Barely saved!

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