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Cactus Dahlia - welcome in any garden. Features of cultivation and care

This plant is very particular, but if you know all the secrets of cultivation and care, cactus dahlias will please a bright and luscious blooms from early summer to mid autumn.

Storage of tubers in winter

One of the secrets of the proper cultivation of these subtle beauties, is the timely digging the tubers from the soil and their correct storage during the winter period.

Dig up the dahlias need before the first frosts, early enough to listen to the weather forecast, but if you had not frozen in time and has been, an urgent need for 2 days to dig out the tubers.

Since due to the fact that the stem starts to fade, can begin to deteriorate tuber. The second reason, if the weather warms again, dahlias can issue new shoots, it is absolutely no need for winter storage.

Before you clean the potatoes in the cellar, they are to be treated as fungicides, dry thoroughly, and then folded into boxes and put in storage.

Sprouting tubers

Dahlia blooms very late, almost at the end of the summer, but in order to speed up the process, the tubers are kept in a cellar, you need to germinate. That is planted in spring in the soil, it is necessary already tubers that have rostochku.

This process should be conducted in such a manner, dig the tubers with soil, and thus put in plastic boxes.

In March, you need to take germination of tubers, it needs to be watered periodically boxes of tubers, and then bring them into heat and water every 7 days.

Boxes need to install piles and wrap polyethylene, when the plants sprouted they can be planted in open ground, but the weather should be appropriate in any case it is impossible to have been frozen, they can kill and sprouts, and themselves tubers.

planting dahlias

Planting the tubers, the plant is necessary to ensure not too sunny areas of the flower bed, dahlias can be planted in shade or semi-shade. It should be noted that in the shadow of the plant is not very high gain size.

Soil moisture should be moderate, if too much water, tubers, plants may die.

As well, it is necessary to pour the compost, pebbles for drainage, sawdust, should be immediately put support for the future of the flower. Since after Dahlia sprout, it will be problematic to set pegs, not to touch it the tubers.

And binding is responsible dahlia fertilizer in the early growth, should be alternated mineral and organic fertilizers.

In the process of flower formation, it is necessary to use phosphorus potash fertilizers for cacti dahlia.

To the flowers are large, on each stem, it is necessary to leave no more than three flowers. And another tip bushes dahlia necessarily need to be tied up, without the support of the plant can be broken as the flowering period, and during growth, as these beautiful and delicate flowers are very fragile.

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