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The Conifers fertilize the garden in the summer and autumn? 5 Important Tips

Many people believe that dressing coniferous trees and shrubs do not need, because in contrast to the foliage of deciduous plants, they do not change. However, this opinion is erroneous: as soon begins active growth of plants, fertilizing the latter is necessary.

Conifers do not need large amounts of nutrients, because they do not need to produce a cellular material, which helps to build the green mass.

Fertilizer is applied to the soil at the time of planting conifers. However, over time, there is exhaustion of the soil, as a result of the needles becomes shallow and dull, and sometimes changing its color. These changes are a signal of lack of nutrients.

Therefore fertilize conifers should be to sustain their growth and preserve the beauty of.

The right choice of fertilizer

The best time for fertilization - spring. When choosing a fertilizer you need to have an understanding of the processes that occur in conifers.

To make high quality fertilizer as not to harm the tree, you must listen to the advice that give professionals in the field of horticulture.

1. In any case not to choose fertilizer, which contain a high percentage of nitrogen. This material promotes rapid growth of apical shoots. As a result of such shoots until frost did not have time to ripen, and is their frostbite. In the spring of shoots leaving only a dry cloth.

The nitrogen contained in the manure and poultry litter. Therefore, these substances as fertilizer can not be used for softwood.

2. Fertilizers must contain magnesium, whereby the processes of photosynthesis occur in coniferous plants.

3. In substances intended for coniferous plants feeding should not be chlorine.

4. The best fertilizer for conifers is granulated. No special preparation is not necessary. The granules are simply mixed with ground tree trunks of trees.

They dissolve gradually, which protects the plant from overfeeding and makes use of the best fertilizer.

5. In order to adequately prepare plant winter, it is desirable to implement summer dressing. It is recommended to choose a fertilizer containing potassium, which would increase the plant resistance to frost.

Following all the recommendations, and attention to green pets provide the latest health and attractiveness.

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