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As scrub Zelenka with linoleum

Puddle of green stuff on the new linoleum - a terrible dream of every housewife. The fact that the structure at this flooring is porous, so any contamination to penetrate deeply, and get them is not easy. Zelenka scrub with linoleum - not an easy task! But if we act wisely, it is realistic to return the flooring its original appearance.

breeding methods spots of green fodder from the floor

Brilliant Green - a versatile and inexpensive antiseptic, this solution can be found in virtually every home medicine cabinet. But there is a drug drawback - even with the fingers to rub it with great difficulty, and then only gradually. What can we say about the floor coverings - to bring such a spot would be difficult.

The pigment that gives antiseptic same emerald hue - aniline dye. He is very pungent and persistent, quickly penetrates into any structure (even on the polished surface of the leaves a mark). The most important thing to remember - bring Zelenka with linoleum is much easier when a fresh spot.

So the first thing to do - begin to scour the brilliant green of the floor until it has dried. For these purposes fit any cloth, wool, sponge, anything that can absorb liquid.

Carefully promaknuv spot, you can proceed to its removal. Here it should be recalled that in the green stuff contains a high percentage of alcohol. Hence the need to dissolve the stain alcohol products:

  • cologne;
  • toilet water;
  • medical alcohol;
  • vodka;
  • moonshine.

Comment! Other solvents, alcohol, bad enough to scour Zelenka linoleum. For example, nail polish remover, gasoline or acetone are practically not work.

If the stain or inveterate very large in size, alcohol will not help. In this case it is necessary to scour Zelenka more aggressive methods. Choosing a method of removing stains from linoleum, you need to think carefully and do not grasp at first suggested option. For example, a known antiseptic emerald removal of hydrochloric acid - an effective method, but in the process it could harm the health of households.

As scrub Zelenka from the folk ways of linoleum

As always, to help the hostess come handy tools. There are more than a dozen ways to green fodder scrubbing the floor, but not all of them are effective and some are dangerous - for linoleum, and humans.

The first thing that you can try - this is the usual soap solution. His densely applied to the surface and try to scrub the emerald antiseptic sponge or cloth. Sometimes it helps. Next - any stain remover for colored cloth (no bleach!). If these funds are not derived stain, you can choose the way of the suggestions below.

How to derive Zelenka linoleum table salt

In the case of zelenkoj kitchen salt acts as an abrasive. Therefore, to remove patches of emerald is better to use "Extra" - salt finely ground. Large crystals can easily damage the surface of the coating and leave scratches on linoleum, disrupt the drawing.

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Important! It is better not to use the method with salt in prominent areas of the floor. This method is suitable if the antiseptic spilled under the table or behind the curtain.

A few tablespoons of salt poured into a plate or bowl and add a little water. It should get a thick paste. The composition was applied to the spot and circular movements triturated with a dry cloth.

Fully salt Zelenka not ototret, but does not absorb much of the pollution.

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