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The more water the beets, so she was sweet and well-grown?

Please beet sugar content and juiciness with proper soil preparation, quality of care and watering, observing the rules of farming.

savory beet

Main reasons:

· Low-quality seeds;

· Unsuitable soil acidity;

· Dryness and stiffness of the soil;

· Lack of nutrients;

· Untimely harvesting.

No need to wait for the moment when the root reaches enormous proportions. This savory beet, rough and fibrous. Diameter of the sweet root of 5-6 cm.

Selecting seed

From planted the seed crop quality depends. When buying pay attention to the type of soil, recommended for their cultivation.

Before planting the seeds dipped in salt water. And weed out the ones that emerge. They will not give high quality seedlings.

Selected material is soaked in the following composition: per liter of water dissolving a tablespoon of ash and a teaspoon of superphosphate. Composition withstand hours, filter and moisten the cloth, which is wrapped seeds.

As the fabric dries, pour the composition. After such preparation the seeds germinate in the week before.

soil acidity

The soil planted with selected loose, soft and fertile. To beets added sweetness fit slightly alkaline soil with acidity 6.5-7.5.

In alkaline soil pre-added peat, chicken manure, mineral fertilizers. The acidic -zolu wood, shell egg.

Watering and fertilizing

Root crops are not afraid of the drought. Strong roots can extract moisture from the depths. But the weather is dry watered every three days. It improves the development and the sweetness of the plant. Excessive pour the beet is not necessary. Excess moisture will lead to the development of the fungus.

Aisles loosened after each irrigation then mulch straw, sawdust, green grass. Mulch delay will prevent moisture and beet from weeds.

Means to increase the sweetness and growth:

1. Feeding, stimulating the growth of beet. For irrigation use tincture of nettles.

Or a ten tincture chicken droppings (1.5 kg) per bucket fluid. Before watering reduce the concentration of the water solution.

Watered furrows between the rows, not the plant, as well as possible of young burns.

2. 2.5-3 weeks after the first puncturing, which is performed during the formation of the first two leaves, watering is performed next. Composition of feeding: a bucket of water and 500 g of ashes, plus 20 g of table salt.

3. With a lack of boron in sugar beet reduced. It is therefore recommended one watering orthoboric acid. The feeding part 10 g of the acid and 10 liters of liquid.

4. Feeding sometimes restrict brine. Use a 1 hr. spoon on the bucket of water. Fed three times: at the first 6 leaves; when the root rises to 5 cm above the ground; The third feeding after 14 days.

Choosing the right variety, quality seed, creating all the necessary conditions - guarantee of receiving a sweet harvest.

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