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Oat broth: the benefits and harms, recipes, how to make

Benefits and harms of a decoction of oats are important for the fans of a healthy diet and home medicine. To determine when you can and can not use the product, you must carefully to understand its properties.

Composition, nutritional value and caloric content of oats

To assess the benefits and harms of decoction of oats for the body, it is necessary, first of all, to examine its composition. The oat grains are present:

  • vitamins - A, PP and E;
  • a number of essential amino acids;
  • cellulose;
  • phosphorus and calcium;
  • starch and useful acids - oxalic acid, erucic acid, malonic acid;
  • choline;
  • magnesium and potassium;
  • natural sugars;
  • enzymes;
  • saponins and coumarin;
  • B vitamins - B1 to B6.

Nutrients in the oats are distributed as follows - 55 g falls on carbohydrates, 10 g protein is occupied, and only 6.2 g of fat present. Regarding caloric, then 100 g of the product contains about 389 kcal. Nutritional value of the finished drink with the slightly lower - only 316 kcal.

What is useful decoction of oats

Rich in vitamins and useful elements oats is considered very valuable for both adults and kids. If you use it in small quantities, but regularly, it will improve the state of health quickly.

For adult men and women

Useful properties of a decoction of oats for the human body affect many systems. If you drink regularly means, the oats:

  • help purify the blood, reduce the burden on the liver and improve bowel function;
  • It strengthens the cardiovascular system and reduce harmful cholesterol in the blood;
  • beneficial effect on the nervous system, the product is useful to use for insomnia, and an increased level of anxiety;
  • will have a diuretic effect, can help rid the body of toxins;
  • contribute to elimination of high temperature and bring relief from cold;
  • a positive effect on the skin, use a decoction of oats is useful both in inflammatory diseases as well as in mechanical damage to the skin.

Useful properties of the product assist in getting rid of bad habits. Against the background of the use of oats growing aversion to alcohol and nicotine.

For kids

The drink is made from oats - a unique product that is approved for use, even babies. Giving his kids can have 2 months the product will strengthen children's immune system, improve the stomach to have a beneficial effect in the cold. The beverage has a good nutritional value, rarely causes an allergic reaction and does not cause indigestion.

Important! Since even a harmless drink in some cases may be harmful, it is necessary to consult a pediatrician before offering the product to the child.

How to prepare and drink a decoction of oats

To use a decoction of oat was the highest for the body, it is necessary to prepare for a proven recipe that has proven its effectiveness. Traditional medicine offers a lot of ways of preparing the product for different ailments.

when insomnia

Properties of oats have a calming and relaxing effect on the nervous system. When insomnia is recommended to wash 500g grain, fill them with water in a proportion of 1 to 2 and boil until oats slightly softens.

Thereafter the drink need strain and drink on an empty stomach 150 ml with the addition of honey.

From the flu and cough

Regenerating and anti-inflammatory properties useful decoction helps to reduce the temperature to eliminate lingering cough and improve the status of the flu. Prepare therapeutic agent so - 500 g oat poured 2 liters of water and 80 minutes in the oven are cleaned.

Finished beverage is allowed to cool, then strain and drink before going to bed in the beaker. Since the healing drink does not cause any harm to the body, you can use it up until the condition improves.


Oats has powerful cleaning and restoring properties, and it can be used for getting rid of diarrhea. Washed barley into beaker to pour a liter of water and infuse for about 12 hours, and then another half an hour to boil under the lid.

Ready drink insist in a warm place for another 12 hours and then filtered. Before use it must be diluted, replenishing pure water to the original volume. Drink remedy three times a day is necessary to 150 ml on empty stomach.


Use of the decoction of oatmeal manifested in articular ailments. Arthritis good effect brings this recipe - oat flakes is first ground and then into a large volume of spoon diluted in a cup of boiling water.

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Insist need to drink for half an hour, then filter and drink three times a day for 100 ml.

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