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Tired of that yellow Geranium? Some proven ways to help plant

Although the geranium plant is not capricious, sometimes it is possible to notice the yellowing leaves. One day, I just did not react to them, which led to the death of the flower. It was a lesson to me. Now, with the appearance of yellow leaves, I hasten to help the plant.

Why do leaves turn yellow and what to do

There are several reasons that lead to yellowing of the leaves, it is:

1. Not suitable pot. When the plant grows, it becomes close in the old pot, it starts to save their strength, so shed their leaves.

In this case, it simply must be transplanted. Before transplanting to flowering geraniums, need to cut all the stalks.

2. The lack of light. The plant was not feeling well on the north side. He needs additional lighting.

3. Too dry air. In this case, next to the pot you need to put a glass of water or put wet expanded clay. Spray the geraniums from a spray is not recommended.

Geranium also should not be placed near radiators and drafts. In the latter case, the flower dries. If the pot is located on the south side, it is necessary to artificially darkening. Otherwise there will be burns on the leaves.

In winter, the plant is better to clean the windows, open windows could lead to his death. In the cold season, I located a geranium in the back of the room, on a table near the wall.

The plant is afraid of sharp temperature drop. For geranium is a lot of stress. If the room temperature abruptly drops to + 15 ° C, the leaves begin to turn yellow and fall off.

To sudden changes in the plant is necessary to prepare in advance. For this purpose it is placed for several days in a cool room. So it adapts more easily transfer low temperatures.

How to help plant

The first thing all the leaves of the plants must be removed and reconsider his resignation. Watering the plant should be once a week, during extreme heat moisture rate can be increased.

Geranium does not like excess water. Top soil can promulchirovat. As the mulch for flowers, I use tea tea leaves, pine bark and moss.

I water the plants near the walls of the pot, so that moisture does not leak to the stem of a flower. Water use only the supernatant to room temperature.

To prevent the formation of yellow leaves and increase flowering plants, it is necessary to periodically feed. I make fertilizer once a month. Geranium needs phosphorus, potassium and iron. In order not to bother, I buy ready-mix in the store.

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