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The dark chocolate is useful

Benefits and harms of dark chocolate is very interested connoisseurs of tasty, but healthy products. To find out whether dark chocolate really has a lot of valuable properties, it is necessary to learn about it as much information.


Any chocolate can be divided into 3 variants, which differ in composition and properties.

  • BitterOr dark. The main ingredient is cocoa - its volume must be not less than 70%.
  • Lactic. It consists predominantly of milk - dried and condensed, and cocoa occupies only 10% of the total.
  • White. In this species, in principle, does not contain cocoa, but the presence of cocoa butter, sugar and milk protein.

All of these species have a pleasant taste and a certain valuable qualities. But different products are very strong, and the difference is not only in the color of the tiles.

What kind of chocolate is more useful: white, milk or bitter

To evaluate the use of white chocolate, dark or milk, enough to look at the composition of each of the species.

  • White chocolate It can be considered the least valuable of all. With moderate use of it does no harm, because it does not have a stimulating effect on the nervous system and improves cholesterol levels. However, the benefit from it the body does not get in the main product of a happy pleasant taste.
  • Milk chocolate It is the most popular because of its mild taste, but for the health of its properties do more harm. The benefits of milk chocolate is just excellent saturation characteristics, but it is very high in calories, negative impact on the figure and in excessive amounts can lead to diabetes and diseases stomach.
  • bitter chocolate It is also able to cause harm if eaten it frequently and in large volumes. However, at moderate doses of it will largely benefit, it will reduce pressure and improve blood circulation, will not harm the teeth, improve brain activity. Useful product is low in calories, so a reasonable use is not deposited in the extra weight.

Thus, the use of chocolate for the human body can be considered very high - a product able to strengthen health.

Composition and calorie chocolate

The main component is a bitter delicacy natural cocoa, which occupies 70% or more of the total volume. But in addition to cocoa, into a useful product contains other ingredients, namely:

  • vitamins B and E;
  • PP nicotinic acid;
  • magnesium and iron;
  • caffeine;
  • theobromine;
  • cacao butter;
  • potassium and phosphorus;
  • antioxidants;
  • flavonoids;
  • alimentary fiber.

100 g contains about 539 kcal. This is a fairly high rate, but keep in mind that a useful product consumed in very small quantities.

The benefits of dark chocolate for health

Useful properties of dark chocolate are very extensive, the product may have a beneficial impact on most systems. In particular, a delicacy:

  • slowing down the aging process and facilitates rapid cell renewal;
  • a positive effect on blood vessels, prevents cholesterol plaques and blood clots, this is the benefits of chocolate for the liver;
  • anti-inflammatory action and can be used for colds;
  • It accelerates the circulation, but it contributes to lowering the blood pressure;
  • It strengthens the heart and serves as the prevention of heart attacks and other cardiac ailments;
  • increases stamina and gives a boost of energy - this is the benefits of dark chocolate for the men involved in sports.

Useful properties of goodies a positive effect on the nervous system and improves mood. Eat bitter foods are good for the prevention of depression and anxiety disorders.

For women

The benefits of dark chocolate for women is primarily in the beneficial effects on the nervous system. Properties goodies to help maintain calm and good humor with heavy psycho-emotional stress.

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The benefits of dark chocolate for women is expressed in the fact that the product improves skin and hair. Useful delicacy is recommended to eat on a diet, as it promotes weight loss and rarely triggers weight gain.

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