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Not only a beautiful plant, but also an indispensable tool. Useful properties of Jade

That Crassula can attract in the house wealth gossip for a long time, but the healing properties of plants know not many. I also have this plant for a long time to stand on a table near a window can be said without a cause.

But recently I came upon a small brochure telling about Jade, and found that it can help alleviate the symptoms of many diseases.

Useful properties of Jade

Even just standing on the windowsill plants produce flavonoids and volatile. These substances are destroyed in the room bacteria. If you put the plant into the bedroom, then it normalizes sleep.

Money Tree can be used for outdoor applications. To do this, make a paste of the leaves of a plant or simply cut in half and applied to the damaged area.

Jade is able to:

· Accelerate the healing of infected wounds;

· Relieve itching;

· To reduce pain.

Small quantities can take the plant juice inside. It normalizes the gastrointestinal tract work, reduces inflammation in cystitis. For colds juice Jade can gargle or bury them nose.

I note that in the leaves of Jade contains arsenic, so that the plant has brought only benefits, the juice should be consumed in small doses.

Jade juice can be used for:

· Hemorrhoids. The juice is mixed in equal proportions with Vaseline gauze and applied to a, is applied to the problematic place for 30 minutes.

· Pain in the joints. Juice rubbed into the problem areas several times a day.

· Varicose veins. In this case, use a paste of the leaves. Its distributed evenly over the gauze and applied to problem areas.

Also, Jade juice helps to remove small spots from the face. We just need to wipe their face every day.

How to prepare juice Jade

I'm ready once the juice for it tore 10 fleshy leaf, rinse them and dry with paper towel. After finely chop with a knife and placed in a ceramic container.

The brochure was written, that it is impossible during juicing use metal products, it can oxidize and lose most of the nutrients.

Once in a ceramic container ceiling finely chopped leaves Jade wooden pestle, squeeze the juice through a folded several times gauze. Pour into a glass bottle.

After a couple of days I Shake container and strain into a clean bottle. I get a small vial. The brochure indicated that the juice shelf life is 12 months.

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