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Want gorgeous bloom Anthurium? Some important tips to help you in this

Often when anthurium buy at the store, he has abundant flowering, but just a couple of weeks, the flowers fall off and the plant does not want to re-bloom.

The reason for such a situation, the wrong courting flower. To plant grew well and flowered need to provide all the conditions for it.

I brought the Anthurium in a pot and I put it next to the other colors, which I have quite a lot. A week and a flower began to fade.

I began to understand what is the matter and found out some details that I want to share with beginners and experienced growers.

What you need to know about caring for plants

As is known anthurium have come to us from the tropical climate, so it does not tolerate the cold and drafts. The plant is very dependent on sunlight.

Despite the fact that the flower loves the sun, direct rays it is better to keep away. The best option for anthurium is a window on the east side.

If the plant is on the window sill on the north side, it is necessary to add the daylight hours, but in this case, you can wait for the flowering.

Important nuances in the care of a flower

vegetirovaniya plant period is from November to February. If at that time did not give enough light for the flower, it is likely that bloom in the spring you will not wait.

Only with the right lighting plant will bloom abundant flowering.

For proper growth of the plant must be ensured:

· Temperature conditions;

· Daylight hours;

· Watering.

With regard to temperature, for plants of tropical climates it should be on the average from 18 to 20 degrees Celsius. If you want to trigger flowering, it is possible for a couple of months to put the plant in a temperature of 16 degrees Celsius.

The plant requires proper irrigation. When you water the flower, you will need water not only for the roots, but also to wipe the leaves with a damp cloth. Thus the plant receives the required humidity.

To simplify your work, you can hold your own specific humidity in the room. When watering is necessary that the upper layer is not completely dry out.

Spring additional forage plant requires special structures and soil. If everything is done correctly. Then you will be able to enjoy the unique beauty and fragrance of the flower.

Anthurium - a flower, which is also called "male happiness" so the plant can grow and produce bloom, but only if properly cared for him.

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