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How to cut the geraniums in winter and enjoy the gorgeous flowering plants?

There are many varieties of geranium, most of which are perennial. They need to be periodically trimmed. Such a procedure is needed to form the crown. I begin pruning when the plant is still small.

Cut off the top and then on the main trunk, new side shoots and buds. As a result, the bush I get bulky, gets nice decorative appearance, and delights abundant flowering.

Geraniums can be grown in greenhouses and in the home. Growth and flowering plants all year round.

Therefore, I recommend pruning carried out in several stages. Depending on the season pruning rules will vary.

Pruning in winter geraniums

Pruning in the winter involves the following steps:

· Perform pruning after flowering plants. This period is September - December;

· Remove the yellowed leaves and all the blossoms, which have faded;

· Then I shorten the main stem of a third, and grew up in the summer stalks are decimated;

· For cutting using a blade or a knife with a thin, sharp blade. I not recommend use scissors, as in the process of pruning can passing the stem, resulting in disruption of the tissue structure at the site of cut;

· Prior to the cut-off tool must be disinfected;

· After the cut, to prevent rotting of the stem, the cut I sprinkled crushed activated carbon;

· In confinement, for rapid emergence of new shoots fertilize plant fertilizer containing nitrogen.

the benefits of pruning

Correct and timely performed pruning plants has such advantages:

· Stimulates the growth of side shoots, new buds are formed;

· Geranium becomes beautiful and well-groomed;

· Inside the bush is good ventilation;

· Appears elegant and long-lasting blooms;

· Lower leaves receive more light;

· Reduces the risk of fungal diseases;

· It is possible to get good quality planting material.

trimming procedure is necessary for the preparation of geraniums for the winter period, when the flowers need to rest and gain strength before the onset of the next season.

After the correct trim my bush geranium becomes healthy, renewed, longer the period of its flowering.

Winter geraniums can stretch that affect its decorative form and bloom. To avoid this, I recommend at this time to provide illumination for plants fitolamp.

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