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Chtem helpful jam walnuts

Benefits and harms of jam from walnuts did it treat one of the most favorite folk remedy for many diseases. His love for the refined taste and unique properties of both adults and children.

Composition and calorie jam of walnuts

To prepare the take unripe (milk stage) fruit. Benefits and harms of green nuts are well studied folk medicine. They contain saturated mineral-vitamin composition, bioactive elements. Benefits of jam made from green walnuts is dictated by the presence of:

  • proteins;
  • iodine;
  • mineral salts (K, Ca, Fe, Mg, Co, P, and so forth.);
  • beta-carotene;
  • vitamins (B group and C, PP, E);
  • flavonoids;
  • binders;
  • aromamasel;
  • alkaloids;
  • others.

Possible risk of harm from the use of green fruit is associated with the presence of these alkaloids, and among them the most unique and rare - yuglandin. Due to walnut scientists such substance as the juglone was opened. This toxic phenol, naphthalene series, which is found in all parts of the plant except for the ripe fruit. It can bring the body as an invaluable and harm. It was he who leaves the hands of a black mark in contact with herbs and fruits of plants.

There are delicious recipes in which the basis for taking the full-peeled kernels. In this jam contains a slightly different list of useful nutrients, depending on the changes of the benefits and harms of dishes.

Product properties correspond to the chemical composition of mature kernels.

At the ripe walnuts contains all kinds of essential amino acids in concentrations useful for the organism. Vitamins in presents great variety nuclei: many members of the group, as well as B, A, C, E. Trace elements: Fe, Zn, I, Mn, Se, F, Co, Cu, B, others. There di- and monosaccharides, saturated fatty acids, starch, ash and other elements that benefit the body.

Caloric content of walnuts is quite high. The nutritional value of 1 kg of fruit is eight times more than the meat, but their chemical composition is well balanced. Therefore nuts - easily digestible product, reasonable use of which is not reflected in the figure in the form of folds on the stomach.

Attention! Calorie meals is about 280 kcal, but it may vary depending on the other ingredients contained in different recipes.

Useful properties jam of green walnuts

The use of the jam of the young walnut is that it will serve as a good prevention of vitamin deficiency in the winter. Vitamin C in such a delicacy contains not less than lemon or orange. Rich and useful vitamin composition jam strengthen the immune system and give the body strength to resist infections to colds season.

The use of walnut jam is shown in diseases of the heart, nerves, and urogenital system, or in the postoperative recovery period. Delicacy can cure gastritis or gastric ulcer, rid the body of worm infections, to establish the bowels, as well as improve the condition of blood vessels, protect against atherosclerosis.

Jam made from walnuts benefits for women. With regular use of beneficial effects on the reproductive system - heals and adjusts the functioning of the reproductive organs.

Jam made from walnuts pregnant and lactating

Useful properties jam from green walnuts handy and women, the unborn child. In the absence of an expectant mother allergy treats components allowed to eat a teaspoon to a cup of tea, but large amounts can be harmful. Since the product contains a lot of carbohydrates, sugars, proteins, pregnant women to get involved in them not:

  • high calorie dessert gives contraindications in the second and third trimester due to the risk of increased fetal weight, which will harm the flow of labor;
  • protein product may provoke allegricheskie reaction in the unborn child;
  • avoiding excessive consumption of sweets decrease the risk of gestational diabetes, which is often also occurs after the first trimester of pregnancy.

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Is it possible to jam walnuts children

Useful properties jam young walnut will help children to improve and strengthen your body. Tasty treat they will eat with pleasure, simultaneously saturating himself with all the necessary elements for active growth.

Walnut jam is necessary to strengthen the immune system, which is at an early age is still quite weak and often severely tested by a variety of infections and viruses. Children need and iodine, which are so rich in fruit. Element helps the mental and physical development, the normal operation of the thyroid gland.

Jam made of walnut for weight loss

Dieters prescribed low-fat diet with a low content of carbohydrate, fat, it is also limited sweet flour and other energy intensive products. At the time of such "extreme" lifestyle often exacerbated many chronic diseases, especially the burden placed on the gastrointestinal organs. Aggravated ulcers, gastritis, liver problems begin and bile secretion, possible attacks of pancreatitis. Violations of the intestinal microflora, usually accompanied by bloating and other unpleasant symptoms.

Due to the depletion of food the body begins to suffer from a lack of trace elements, vitamins. All these problems can be solved, every day eating a small amount of jam nuts. Its rich composition will fill in missing food ingredients enhance physical strength, relieve of mood disorders, associated strict dietary restrictions.

Attention! During the preparation of sugar jam can be partially replaced by sweeteners, which may be subjected to heat treatment, such as stevioside, sucralose.

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