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Useful if muesli and how to make them at home

If you get bored of the usual breakfast of scrambled eggs and oatmeal, then a great option would be cereals. They can be combined with different fillings, pour any liquid. In addition, you can buy ready-mix. Benefits and harms of cereals depend on their composition and additives.

What is muesli

Muesli become popular due to the ease of preparation, taste and the benefits they provide to humans. Swiss physician in the 20th century invented this dish for clinic patients who ate only healthy food with nutritional value.

In the 21st century, they began to lead among the dietary products. The basis of these are cereals. They can be rye, oat, wheat, corn.

All additives mixed together and packed in bags or boxes. They can be found in any store or supermarket. Remains of their homes to buy and fill with liquid. There are 2 kinds of useful cereal:

  • Raw. They should not be subjected to heat treatment. Often consist of cereals, fruits, seeds, nuts.
  • baked muesli - a mixture of whole grain cereal or juice with honey baked at low temperatures. Dish the properties is saturated, and a sweet digestible.

The composition and caloric content of cereals

In addition to cereals, the following ingredients may be contained in them:

  • nuts;
  • Dried fruits - apricots, raisins and dates;
  • dried fruit;
  • candied fruit;
  • pieces of chocolate;
  • banana chips;
  • Air flakes;
  • salted nuts;
  • bran;
  • fruit juice;
  • cinnamon;
  • glaze;
  • exotic fruits - pineapples, papayas;
  • pumpkin seeds.

The amount of calories depends on the heat treatment, additives which are used. When the mixture just pour boiling water, then the calorie content will be minimal. Other number appears if you use the yogurt, add honey. Dairy products make a dish fatter, better fed. Muesli Calorie per 100 grams:

  • mixture with dried fruits - 325 kcal;
  • with nuts - 377 kcal;
  • glazed - 416.

The nutritional value:

  • protein - 9.1 g;
  • fat - 5.5 g;
  • simple carbohydrates - 31.1 g;
  • fiber - 7.3 grams.

Minerals present in the composition:

  • calcium;
  • phosphorus;
  • potassium;
  • magnesium;
  • zinc;
  • iron;
  • selenium;
  • manganese.

The mineral mixtures is present most of the necessary vitamins and minerals.

Attention! It is difficult to find a product that would contain many useful elements for the body. Therefore mixture very much in demand.

How useful muesli

The mixture is a unique complex vitamins. It is associated with a healthy lifestyle and proper nutrition. Muesli quickly prepared. This is one of the main features. They poured into a bowl, pour the liquid, add the fruit. They are very nutritious, give a feeling of satiety for a few hours.

Benefits of muesli with milk in the morning is priceless. Complex carbohydrates satisfy hunger for a long time, provide a variety of vitamins, proteins and minerals. Strengthen bones. In not overwork, fatigue during the day.

Useful mixtures outputted remarkably harmful substances, toxins, decomposition of body fat. Dietary fibers help the digestive tract function normally.

The cereals contain the right amount of carbohydrates to protect the body from the appearance of tumors and inflammatory processes in the gastrointestinal tract.

Muesli are composed of complex and simple carbohydrates. Scientifically proven medical that eating grains reduces the risk of breast cancer by 45%.

Useful mixture activates mental activity. It is not only food for weight loss, but also a great breakfast for students.

For someone cereal properties will benefit:

  • people affected by atherosclerosis;
  • with high blood pressure;
  • athletes;
  • actively engaged in mental labor.

The mixture contains a lot of useful fiber. improves digestion thanks to its properties, it cleanses the body, normal cholesterol levels.

The mixtures are substances that benefit the nervous system. They soothe, improve mood, struggling with stress.

Since flakes purified intestines, improving skin condition. It is cleaner, disappear black spots, rashes, red spots.

In the opinion of nutritionists granola - perfect assistant for weight loss. But only those that do not contain high-calorie supplements.

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