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Tortured to dry tips of the leaves in the home colors? A few tips to help you cope with the problem

Indoor plants are beautiful only when they list a fresh, deep-green and resilient. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. With the inclusion of the central heating growers-fans watched in horror drying the tips of the leaves of the plant and change color. So it was with me.

I struggled for several years to no avail, and was trying to save their pets, while not fully understood the situation. Help is not difficult and the problem can be quickly solved.

Dry tips of the leaves, what is the reason

Initially I was not clear why under normal irrigation tip begins to dry the sheet. But the answer was found after a careful examination and analysis of the conditions in which were my flowers.

There can be several, and analyzing the conditions I originally drew attention to the following points:

· temperature. My family does not tolerate cold. We have a lot of batteries, and we love the heat. However, not all plants are ready to bask. For many, the comfort temperature in winter 16-18 ᵒC, and not 24ᵒS how I love;

· humidity. Watering the soil, it seems to me the best, I did not create the plant sufficient moisture. land dry up faster because of the high heat, than I thought. In addition, wet soil does not create moisture in the leaf area, and they reacted desiccation;

· vermin. With careful examination revealed small moths I, which sit on the inner side of lamina further sheet dries. This fault also dry air. It was he who allowed the whitefly pest to reproduce.

How to help plant

I was not able to lower the temperature in the room, everyone loves the heat. But to raise the humidity is very simple. Suffice it to spray indoor plants 1-2 times a day from the sprinkler. Make it is not difficult, and the humidity increases significantly. In addition, I am more concerned to carefully watering.

Insects whitefly was arranged fight with the help of the soul and watering insecticides. Increasing the humidity makes it impossible for the flight of the pest, and the problem resolved itself.

Also had to rearrange the plant. Those who love the drier air (pelargonium, Coleus) and do not need spraying, settled on a single window.

Fans of the subtropics (maidenhair, Fitton, croton) were grouped and provided with high humidity.

After the failure, acquiring new plants, I more thoroughly studying its characteristics and desired environment. Knowledge of favorite flavors will help to avoid unwanted drying, the tips of leaves and other problems.

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