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How useful boiled carrots and how many calories it

Carrots are known for being used for a person with one of the main sources of beta-carotene. In the open form, it contains a large amount of vitamins and trace elements. There is an opinion that heat treatment depletes its useful chemical composition. So whether it is and what the benefits and harms of cooked carrots, will be discussed further.

What carrot useful: cooked or raw

The richness of vitamin and mineral composition is not always absorbed in the body completely. For example, a drinking cup of fresh carrot juice body uses only 3% beta-carotene. It should be noted that the addition of vegetable oil improves the digestibility of the vitamin to 33%.

Research scientists have shown that the cooked product is absorbed in the body better than raw. However, the heat loss occurring beta-carotene: there is only a high level of antioxidants. Their property is enclosed and use the boiled carrots for human body - as a means of cancer prevention and Alzheimer's disease.

The composition and caloric content of cooked carrots

After the heat treatment carrots keeps its shape, it is easy to cut, it has a specific aroma and sweet taste. As a result of the cooking, it also retains the properties of a low-calorie product (less than 25 kcal per 100 grams).

The composition of cooked vegetables include:

  • a small amount of vitamin A (as compared with the level of its content in the fresh product);
  • vitamin H, and K, as well as the group B;
  • macro- and microelements (calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, copper, iron, selenium, fluorine, copper);
  • volatile;
  • essential oils;
  • Sahara.

Useful properties of cooked carrots

The main useful property of boiled carrots find significant levels of antioxidants, which rises just after the heat treatment.

As a result, the cooking easier to digest and useful carotenoids (at high temperature due to the partial destruction of the cell wall). This property is used boiled vegetables in the diet of patients with a deficiency of vitamin A.

boiled carrots benefits for the human body and lies in the content of lutein - a substance which is a major retinal pigment component of the eye, whereby the product is an excellent means for preventing degradation view.

It is important to remember that the maximum amount of vitamins is found in the skin, so before cooking is not recommended to clean a vegetable: it is enough to thoroughly wash it under running water. Grated product is used with advantage as an external agent in the treatment of ulcers on the skin.

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Can I boiled carrots with breastfeeding

Benefits of cooked carrots for women during lactation is invaluable. It proved that contributes vegetable milk production and improves the breastfeeding process.

Despite all the benefits of cooked carrots for the body of the newborn due to enter via the breast milk of vitamins and minerals, the harm from abuse product during lactation may occur in a child in the form of allergic reactions, as well as the deterioration of intestinal motility, which threatens to upset stomach and problems with chair.

Useful properties of vegetable lactation able to:

  • stabilize hormonal woman background,
  • a positive effect on the heart and blood vessels,
  • increase the level of hemoglobin.

Introduce cooked foods in the diet of lactating mothers are advised not earlier than one month after birth.

Boiled carrots for weight loss

Vegetable refers to a low-calorie, so it is often used by women in the diet time. The use of the product also reduces the level of harmful cholesterol. Useful properties of fat which is in a part of carrot, manifested in the rapid onset of satiety, which is very important for dieters.

In Diet Menus boiled carrots consumed with the addition of vegetable oil, low-fat fermented milk products, otherwise the dish may increase appetite, which ultimately affect a set of extra kilos.

How and how much to cook carrots

In order to get the maximum benefit from cooked carrots, you must adhere to the rules of its preparation:

  • Before heat treatment vegetables should be washed thoroughly. Purifying peel before cooking should not be: to save the maximum of useful properties better clean cooked product.
  • Put into cold water, brought to the boil and cook for about 20 minutes on medium heat.
  • Check readiness, you can use an ordinary toothpick: if it passes easily through the thickest part of the vegetable, it means he is ready.

Are the benefits of steaming, roasting; frying vegetables is undesirable because of the harm carcinogens released.

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