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Why do you need zinc body, which contains a daily rate

Back in 1869, Professor Jules Roulin concluded that zinc (Zn) plays an important role in the functioning of life-support systems. This element needs every cell of the body, because the zinc has been actively involved in all enzymatic processes. What are the benefits and harms of zinc, what role it plays in people's lives and how it should be in the daily diet?

The zinc is useful for the organism

For every person enjoys huge zinc, because this chemical element is vital. Zinc content is second only to iron to participate in important biochemical functions.

Basic properties of zinc:

  • responsible for many enzymatic reactions;
  • contributes to the formation of the immune system;
  • stabilize metabolic processes;
  • involved in the processes of puberty;
  • responsible for growth;
  • improves cell regeneration.

He is also responsible for visual acuity, preventing the occurrence of early myopia, because useful as vitamin complexes for the elderly.

Element helps the formation of bone tissue, reducing the risk of diseases such as arthritis and rheumatism. The use of zinc affects the nervous system: thanks to the property of increasing attention, reduce irritability, and improve mood.

The presence of zinc in the body plays an important role in the work of almost all life support systems:

  • in the normal functioning of the nervous system, taking part in the transmission of nerve impulses of neurons;
  • assimilation necessary for health vitamins A, E and D;
  • normalizing the immune system, stimulation of antibody production and cell antimicrobial activity;
  • the synthesis of stomach acid and digestive enzymes, which reduces the load on the pancreas and is useful for the entire digestive tract;
  • acceleration of metabolic processes, the cleavage of proteins, fats and carbohydrates, normalization of blood sugar levels.

This element will be useful for people suffering from allergies, liver failure, fatigue, osteoporosis and diabetes.

For women

Zinc benefits for the female organism is its direct involvement in the functioning of the reproductive system. Because element deficiency at an early age can lead to late maturation and even underdevelopment of the ovaries and uterus.

The use of substances is invaluable and women into adulthood in hair loss prevention, early appearance of wrinkles and premature menopause. In addition, the element allows the lady to look younger than their years, and not for nothing was the naming of the "secret of eternal youth."

For men

Zinc benefits for the body to men: it is the hormone production, responsible for the formation of genitals: deficiency can cause irreparable harm, up to the underdevelopment of the testicles and infertility men.

In adulthood, zinc is beneficial for men to increase potency, testosterone. Because of his lack of it can lead to a decrease in sexual activity, or lack of sperm motility. In addition, the special properties of an important element in the prevention of prostate adenoma, to which representatives of the stronger sex are faced with age.

For kids

Especially zinc invaluable benefits for children because it is responsible for the child's growth, the formation of his immune and reproductive systems. It will also be useful because of its wound-healing and anti-inflammatory properties.

Zinc deficiency affects harm violations in the growth and development of the child. Lack element causes skin dysfunction, which is the main body of the protection from external factors.

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The use of zinc for growing human body appears in the normal functioning of the immune and nervous systems. Its deficiency may lead to frequent respiratory infections, whims, mental retardation and mental disorders.

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