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The fat is useful for the organism, curative properties and contraindications

Salo is usually made from pig carcasses, although it is very rare to find a species of other animals. Generally, it is subjected to a pickling treatment in a solution of salt and sometimes sugar. In many cases, after it is smoked.

Salting and smoking - is well-known ways to keep meat and fat. Additionally, these processing techniques also contribute to the manifestation of fat conventional flavoring properties. Addition of salts makes product unfavorable environment for bacterial growth. As a result, it has a much longer shelf life than fresh. What are the benefits and harms of salt fat for your health?

Fats in this product to 50% monounsaturated, and most of them - oleic acid. This is a compound that makes olive oil and "beneficial to the heart."

However, another 40% - this is saturated fat. Previously it was thought that they are harmful, but some modern scholars agree that they have only a negligible effect on blood cholesterol levels.

However, this view is very contradictory. Many health professionals continue to believe that a high intake of saturated fat is a major cause of heart disease.

Modern scholars are inclined to believe that the impact of these compounds on health may depend on the type of saturated fat, feeding conditions and the general way of life of people. So do not worry about the high fat content in fat, especially since the typical serving size small.

It is noteworthy that the treated fat usually contains a significant amount of salt. According to one view, the use of these foods is associated with an increased risk of developing stomach cancer. Excessive salt intake can also raise blood pressure in some people. Despite the fact that high blood pressure causes damage to the body in the long term, studies have not shown a constant link between salt intake and death from heart disease.

Nevertheless, people with a tendency to hypertension, should be considered to limit the use of salty foods.

Attention! Drinking large amounts of fat and other salty foods increases blood pressure in some people. It can also increase the risk of stomach cancer.

Useful properties of fat

The main beneficial properties of fat are provided by fat in the first place - monounsaturated. Fifty percent of the fat in the product is exactly so, and it mainly contains the oleic acid.

Approximately three percent fat - palmitoleic acid, possess valuable antimicrobial properties. About 40 percent of the fat is saturated, that is considered to be a potential source of harm. However, this product provides some properties that allow to store it for a long time.

Lard also contains some form of phosphatidylcholine, which has antioxidant activity, superior properties of vitamin E. This may be one explanation for the fact that the fat is relatively stable and is not subject to rancidity from free radicals.

Meat products usually have a very high nutritional value, and the fat is no exception. A typical 100-gram serving contains:

  • 37 grams of high-quality animal protein;
  • vitamins B1, B2, B3, B5, B6 and B12;
  • 89% of daily selenium;
  • 53% of the daily norm of phosphorus;
  • a significant amount of minerals iron, magnesium, zinc and potassium.

Nevertheless, all of the nutrients contained in the fat and benefiting also found in other, less fatty pork products. Therefore it is necessary to find out more, what is the use of lard for human body.

For women

Oddly enough, the product may be useful in burning fat and losing weight. Scientists have discovered that it is an excellent source of coenzyme Q1 hormone that speeds metabolism, combined with brisk walking. This explains the use of fat for a woman in the diet. In fact, research has shown that if you eat a slice of bacon for an hour before walking, burning calories faster twice.

What else can be the benefits and harms to the body fat women? The product contains a lot of selenium. This is an important trace element and a key component of the health of the thyroid gland and immune system support.

Harm is a very high calorific value and high content of salt. This means that the fat in any case do not abuse it.

Tip! If you mix 100 grams of fat with the same portion of lentils can provide your body with a daily rate of selenium.

For men

The use of fat for the body of a man is following. It has a high protein content. The use of this product on a daily basis to successfully build muscle mass. According to experts, men need 1.6 grams of protein per kilogram of body weight each day. This means that two slices of bacon for lunch already coated with 28% of the total number of daily muscle "fuel".

In addition, bacon fat and have a high content of phosphorus, which can significantly alleviate the hangover. The reason is simple: this trace element has certain useful properties, supporting renal function.

For pregnant and lactating

What is the use of lard during pregnancy? Its consumption helps in the development of the fetal brain.

Since fat contains a lot of saturated fat, it allows you to feel the richness of immediately after use. Since it has a low amount of carbohydrates, it helps regulate the weight of women who are rapidly gaining kilos in the second half of pregnancy.

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It has antioxidant and useful properties that help in the fight against disease, and even contribute to a better development of the fetal thyroid. Phosphorus and vitamin A, are available as part of the product, necessary for proper growth and maturity of the fetus and its nervous system. All these useful properties of the product are relevant for breastfeeding mothers.

Salo is a tasty addition to the diet of pregnant women, but it is necessary to prepare properly. It is usually available in smoked and salted, with some spices, additives and even sugar to improve the taste. Thus, the presence of these components in abundance can cause injury. To maximize the benefits and minimize the harm can be purchased crude product and salt of his own by adjusting the amount of added components.

It should be noted that the immune system of infants is not so well adapted to the fight against bacteria, as an adult, so you need to be careful. Should remember that fat preservative free with a small amount of salt has little shelf life.

Tip! According to medical experts, for pregnant women, the ideal intake of fat per day is 13 grams with a daily diet of 2000 calories.

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