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Top 7 best perennials "for the lazy" with the beautiful blooms

Unfortunately, I always have no time to care fully for green pets in the flowerbed. And so eager to please the eye the beautiful flowers. These problems, I decided to choose the front garden unpretentious plants with minimal maintenance.

"Undemanding" plant for the suburban area

Share experiences and talk about the 7 most hardy perennials that adorn the suburban area, garden, garden.

1. host

This plant is committed not require attention, I planted it and forget about it, it is capable of up to 25 years (not transplanting!) Grow in one place. This beauty pleases lush foliage and delicate inflorescence whole summer season. In landscape design host just is not replaceable.

Benefits of plants:

· Moderate watering;

· Thrives in shade and in a well-lit place;

· Does not require special care before hibernation, you just cut the flower stalks.

2. Monarda

A unique feature of this plant: the adult bush bloom more than 100 stems! Intoxicating scent seduces the bees, which in turn pollinate the plants in the garden, which greatly increases the yield.

Monarda Pros:

· Excellent feeling in full sun;

· Does not require abundant irrigation;

· Growing rapidly;

· Blooms from July to October.

3. Many years of rudbeckia

It is bright (yellow, orange, crimson), gaze flowers that do not require attention. Their beauty pleased with mid-summer to late autumn.

Colorful daisies decorate any flower bed, path, fence. Mistresses like Rudbeckia decorate areas in rustic style.

4. Astilba

Unpretentious Astilbe satisfied: moderate watering in combination with ambient light. Advantages of the plant: the splendor of the foliage, large frosted buds, pleasing to the eye the whole summer season.

5. Ochitnik

This plant is truly "for the lazy!" He feels fine, even on the basis of the most disgusting, the bright sun and without irrigation, and proliferating displaces weeds.

He is growing great, even where no plant is simply not able to survive.

This succulent plant with fleshy leaves, it picks up moisture, so it carries easily and drought.

6. Japanese anemone

It is elegant, beautiful, undemanding perennial. Flowers elegant look not only on a bed, but also in the vase life. Bloom from late summer to mid-autumn. The only preference plants: partial shade.

7. catnip

The plant is characterized by:

· Unpretentious to the soil, and lighting;

· Disease resistance;

· Cutting the first flowering, bloom again;

· Does not require annual transplantation;

· Moderate watering.

Propagated plants or seeds by dividing the bush.

And I advise you to decorate your garden so beautiful and unpretentious flowers that bloom from June to October. I will not dissemble, minimal intervention, still required.

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