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Why is pulled geranium plant and how to help

Pelargonium love for its simplicity and year-round blooms. Many gardeners confuse its peculiar smell, but I like it. Inexperience, I faced many challenges: stretched out shoots, dried up and the leaves are falling.

It certainly is not critical, but the Queen sill outside his species not relish, and even gorgeous colors not brightened the situation.

The reasons for drawing plants

Faced with this problem, I have tried more than one method has not yet found effective ways. I did so: she studied the problem and seek solutions.

Lack of light

The problems that the plant is not enough light, therefore, shoots him stretch and become elongated.

In winter, the short daylight hours, and Pelargonium need good lighting in this period. Therefore, I advise you to rearrange the pot on the windowsill the south side. And in the evening at least three hours to artificially illuminate the fluorescent lamp.

elevated temperature

In geranium rest period between November and February, but not all varieties require it. The most comfortable temperature to 15-17 ° C flower. If the room temperature is higher, and the lighting is not enough, it becomes the cause of provocative pulling shoots.

Can solve the above problems, if the pot move in a cool (15-17 ° C), well-lighted place. Do not forget, geranium does not tolerate drafts, so do not put it next to the open framurgami.

volumetric pot

In a large pot increases the risk of:

· Rotting of the root system;

· Acidification of the soil;

· Extension of the stem (root system should fill the entire space of pots);

· No stems.

The solution of this problem is very simple: to transplant a flower in small pots.

Pruning and rejuvenation of plants

In geranium should form a crown: periodically pinch and cut, and then acquire a lush bush, blooming.

To resolve this issue:

· In November and March to trim pelargonium;

· Stretched-out weak shoots shortened by one-third;

· Begin to form a crown at a young age (pinch);

· Transplanted geranium, prischipnut two weeks.

Stop pinch and cut only when the plant will acquire the desired shape.

Pelargonium recommended to rejuvenate once in two years. To do this, I use the method of grafting. You can experiment and a pot to plant the cuttings with 3-4 different colors, you get a lush, rainbow bush.

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