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What you need to put on the bottom of the pot to the best indoor plants bloom

Secrets of care for potted flowers are innumerable! A few years ago, just fascinated by the creation of a luxury garden apartment, I read professional literature, talking and arguing with other such amateurs experimented.

Even today, I continue to learn the correct use of them. But there are techniques of "eternal" I have no matter what would not change!

For example - a drainage layer. If you water the plant too liberally, it is thanks to him the excess moisture will leave the soil and it will be better to "breathe", and the root system is not rots.

I usually use a concrete block. These small round stones weigh almost nothing and are very long. And naturally, I prepare the planting soil mixture, according to the plant.

secret ingredient

But before you start planting, take one piece of fruit. More precisely - the usual ripe banana. The flesh eat itself, but the skin and is thus an element that provides luxurious blooms seem anything!

The fact that once on the bottom of the pot, banana skin, naturally, begins to decompose. And a few weeks disappears without a trace - turning into an incredibly nutritious fertilizer!

This product is present, in particular such substances:

· Potassium - accelerates the growth of plants, but a greater effect on the stems and leaves are not thicken;

· Sugar - converted into vital energy necessary for the formation of buds;

· Sodium - strengthens the immune system of plants;

· B vitamins - contribute to the brightness of colors.

And it is noteworthy that on the banana react strongly all flowering houseplants!

No matter their age - so you can plant the seeds, to plant seedlings or something obtained by dividing. In my personal experience, banana peel has a positive effect on the weakened plants that are in the new pot with it quickly gain strength and bloom!

Send peel into the pot is very simple. First, it must be cut into small pieces, then - put on a concrete block. After that I dumped on top of the ground, and when the pot is filled with them - pour into it is not a lot of water.

Then just have to wait a day - and can be planted in fertile plant, the nutrient medium.

I also want to point out that the banana peel in a flower pot emits no odor, does not cause the disease and not lures pests.

But the fact that the plant flowers in a pot with a banana on the growing need to the moon - is a myth, no relation to the real world does not have.

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