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3 top dressing Viola for a luxurious flowering cap

No wonder violet flower is called Queen, because while nodding blooms from it simply not tear his eyes. But is it so or not, depends on many facts.

I want to talk about the three most effective dressing that I've been using for over 20 years and believe me, the result is always on his face.

1.Bananovaya peel

I warn you right away that this fertilizer can be used no more than once a month, otherwise Acidify the soil.

Banana peel is rich in potassium and manganese, which is important not only for flowering, but for the health uzumbarskiye violets in general. On top of all this, plus the national manure is that it is environmentally friendly and if to prepare and use it correctly, the plant harm is simply not possible.

I am preparing a fertilizer in this way: take the peel of five fruits, coarsely cut into it and pour three liters of water defended.

Capacity of covering with gauze and put in a sunny window for 5-6 days. Violet watered only to the sump, previously diluted with water 1: 2.

2. Sweet tea

Glucose is a unique nutrient for violets, especially for the young plant which is just beginning to throw an outlet.

I use three options periodically their turn:

1. 1 teaspoon black tea is poured a glass rain water (hot), adding 1 h. lodges. Sahara. Watering cooled welding the root.

2. The used tea leaves wet pressing, mix of sugar at the rate of 1: 5, dried and blended with the ground during transplantation. It is broken down slowly, releasing mineral and organic substances.

3. I make medium bodied brew, and add a pinch of sugar. An excellent tonic effect!

But I use these feeding no more than once in 20 days, otherwise you can break the soil microflora.

3. iodine dressing

Iodine is essential for the full development uzumbarkoy violets. Very rarely in the dressings include iodine, and in fact this element is so important for the plant:

· Improves metabolism;

· Activates growth;

· Imbues coloring;

· Promotes abundant flowering.

But do not forget that this trace element is enough to use twice a year (October to April). Cook iodine solution is as follows: 3.5 liters defended (can be mineral) water was added drop (not more!) Iodine.

Water only in the pan, and strictly follow the concentration, otherwise you can burn the roots.

Here such simple ways I seek nodding blooms, which pleases me 2-3 months. Then plant retires. If the plant is to love, to care for it properly, remove the flower buds for 3 months, then it will grant a lush flowering.

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