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Why home flowers dry tips of the leaves in the winter? How to help plant

I think that every woman faces the problem of dry ends at the home of flowers. The reasons can be many, I will share their experiences in dealing with this disease.

To begin, I always analyze what specifically do not like this flower. Yellow like succulents, and other plants.

May be several reasons:

· Dry weather and lack of moisture;

· Excessive watering;

· Poor quality water;

· Various pests.

One of the main reasons for their poor quality irrigation water. I always defend the water for 24 hours or boil it before watering.

Perhaps, in your flower infested by pests and they destroy the root system of the flower, not letting get the nutrients from the soil. In such a case it is necessary to transplant the flower, roots pre-rinsing with a weak solution of manganese.

I try to see what it is pest infested and buy in a flower shop poison. I shed already transplanted plant. This procedure was repeated a couple of weeks to kill all the larvae.

The dry weather and winter flowers should be watered frequently dry air promotes rapid evaporation of moisture. Be sure to spray the leaves with an atomizer, it does not concern violets.

Do not water the flowers in the sun, it causes burns and burn the roots. Best watering in the morning or in the evening.

Another of the causes of dry ends may be incorrect feeding. I try not to abuse the store means, and use the good old proven recipe from my mom.

For this breed ten grams of live yeast in the three-liter jar and biweekly watering flowers all this infusion. Sometimes insist eggshells, it has a lot of calcium and flowers willingly accept this fertilizer.

Of course it is necessary to monitor and free of soil filling rhizome. If the flower closely, no feeding will not solve this problem.

Must transplant it into a larger pot, and for the prevention of pests and shed the roots of a weak solution of potassium permanganate. Do not forget about the drainage in the pot.

I always take large stones, they probably do not score holes to drain the water, the roots will not rot.

A little more complicated things with orchids. Flower though not particularly fancy, but for flowering him special conditions are needed. For the summer, I always put my orchids from the window sill, these flowers do not tolerate the sun completely. They often appear burns away, lost turgor in the leaves and the tips begin to turn yellow.

Give them a little bit to recover in the dark, you can not even watered a couple of weeks.
Take care of your plants, and they will definitely please you!

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