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Benefits and harms of breast milk composition and types

Benefits and harms of breast-feeding - a topical issue for young mothers, causing a lot of controversy. To understand it until the end, it is necessary to study the advantages and disadvantages of breastfeeding.

The composition of breast milk

The benefits of breastfeeding infants are rarely subjected to appeal. The fact that the mother's milk - this is an ideal nutrient mixture, which contains all the necessary substances. It contains the following valuable components:

  • water - it takes 88% of the total and is perfectly grudnichka fluid needs, so that no additional water is necessary to the child;
  • carbohydrates - they hold 7% and consist mainly of lactose;
  • fats - their share allocated 4% of the composition, cholesterol is present among the fat, the major hormones and bile;
  • proteins - in their milk contained 1%, they are presented with taurine, nucleotides, lactase, lactoferrin, lipase and serum protein;
  • minerals, vitamins, leukocytes, antibodies and growth hormones - they occupy 0.2% of the total.

It is important that the structure is perfectly balanced - the child receives useful components in exactly the proportions in which it is necessary.

Types of breast milk

The unique properties of breastmilk lies in the fact that over-feeding it slightly changes its useful part. Allocate its three varieties:

  • Colostrum - the milk is produced during the first few days of breastfeeding. In the composition of colostrum elevated salt content, vitamins and proteins and fats and lactose are present in smaller. In the first days of life is very important for the child's caloric intake, and nature has taken care of that baby receives all the benefits.
  • Milk in transition - about 5 days after birth increases the fat content in the milk, and the balance of the other components is close to normal breast milk.
  • mature milkIt appears after 2 or 3 weeks after birth, and that they fed the baby until the end of breastfeeding. The composition and properties of the milk continues to vary slightly, the amount of fat in it will increase, but is not so much to continue to allocate separate categories.

The beneficial breast milk for the baby

The main argument for breastfeeding - breastfeeding is the benefit to the child. It is proved that it is not man-made mixtures, namely breast milk in the first months of life have the most positive impact on the health of the child.

Strong immunity

Breastfeeding the baby is much less affected by viruses and infections. Vitamins and special enzymes in breast milk are beneficial to those that strengthen the immune system baby - it is growing rapidly, rarely gets sick, it does not lag behind age norms. Breastfeeding prevents the development of the child anemia and diabetes, multiple ailments of the stomach and intestines.

Making contact

Useful breastfeeding property - in that it helps to establish a deep emotional bond between mother and child. Kid attached to the chest in the first days after birth, grows much more calm than peers on artificial feeding. Subsequently, the child feels a strong attachment and love for the mother.

Reduction of disease risk

Useful properties of breast milk protect the developing baby from a plurality of body ailments. Since the composition of the natural nutritional formula is perfectly balanced, the child is not lacking in vitamins and minerals and does not suffer from an overabundance of them. Intestinal, nervous, cardiac, musculoskeletal system develop correctly and without interference, so the child grows more healthy.

weight control

In a useful human milk fat is submitted to the extent in which they are not able to harm the baby. When breastfeeding muscle and fat tissue in the body of the child is distributed evenly. Toddler not suffering from obesity, the risk of acquisition of early diabetes or hypertension.

Healthy sleep and well-being

The benefits of breastfeeding is that it has a calming effect on the baby. Due to its properties, the child sleeps better and less often wakes up at night, not so much crying.

Attention! When breastfeeding in children less frequently observed colic and regurgitation.

But after the use of artificial formulas they occur frequently, the store baby food is able to cause harm to the body.

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