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Korean carrot: benefit or harm, how to cook

In recent years, especially in anticipation of the holidays, the benefits and harms of carrots in Korean becomes a subject of dispute not only nutritionists but also ordinary people. It is believed that this kind of salad in Russia learned from immigrants from the DPRK not long ago - somewhere in the middle of the last century. It is fair to say that the "native" marinade prepared from other vegetables, which in Russia was not simple, but savvy Koreans have found an alternative, replacing them with carrots. To have survived some of the technological features of pickled vegetables, as the classic recipe itself is not.

Composition of carrots in Korean

In Korean cuisine are widely used various marinades and spices, by which food is especially tasty. The composition of the ingredients of carrots in Korean normally varies according to taste preferences of who prepares it. Some like not too savory, and someone like a burning. It uses seasonings, healthy, due to its antibacterial properties. But there are a few basic components remain unchanged. So, for example, it is impossible to cook carrots in Korean without some products, namely:

  • vegetable oil, are sufficient to show the majority of spices;
  • vinegar;
  • coriander;
  • black pepper and spicy, red;
  • dry garlic;
  • sugar and salt.

This list is supplemented with ready-mix nutmeg, dry basil, ginger, turmeric and sesame seeds.

Calorie carrots in Korean

The beneficial properties of vegetables relentlessly remind dietitians. Among the root crops to vegetable beds useful in carrot lowest calorie: 100 g of 34 kcal. The carrots in Korean in the same hundred grams has 113 calories, which is not so much.

If you wonder what contributes to this rapid increase in energy value, the answer is clear: of course, the spices, which are generously seasoned with root. And the first in the list of high-calorie condiments worth vegetable oil (it's 100% -zhir). Even one tablespoon of vegetable adds a lot of calories.

Do carrots are good in Korean

The beneficial properties of ginger root even know the children, but not useful, carrots in Korean? Benefits of spicy dishes are no longer questioned. Carrot in Korean flavored plurality spices and seasonings, its sharpness beneficial effect on the digestive process. Seasonings promote secretion of gastric juice, thereby arousing the appetite. Doctors have long known about the beneficial properties of spicy carrot, so we recommend using it in the diet to strengthen the walls of blood vessels of people with a sick stomach and intestines.

Korean carrots benefit to the organism due to the manner of its preparation, which retains the beneficial properties of vegetable and useful substances such as vitamins. As is known, the use of vegetable - its richness in vitamins. Most of the useful properties of carrot due to its high content of beta-carotene. Use as carotenes is to protect the blood vessels and their extension "youth" for a long period. A large number of carotene ensures good vision.

Carrots in Korean for weight loss

Without any disputes Carrots in Korean - a low-calorie meal, but do not be deceived on this score. Its preparation involves the use of the products of which are not really useful for losing weight. This refers to the salt, sugar, herbs and spices, which can prevent to get rid of excess weight. on the use of the carrot diet Korean raises appetite that can trigger overeating. Thinner people nutritionists recommend to reduce or even completely eliminate from the diet detrimental to food. Korean Carrots contain fats, from which benefits the body is questionable.

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