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Whether the hot tea is good if it can be drunk

Most people do not represent their morning without a cup of tea. And in some countries, the tea party is a special ritual, including a centuries-old tradition. Hot tea, especially in cold weather, warm not only the body, but also has beneficial effects on the state of mind. Benefits and harms of hot tea - long-standing and controversial topic of discussion and debate.

Useful than hot tea

Tea leaves contain a sufficient amount of useful caffeine, whereby stimulating properties of tea can be compared with an invigorating coffee.

The use of hot tea is not in doubt:

  • That hot tea beverage has an antioxidant effect on the body. And all thanks to the beneficial flavonoids: drink cooling destroys them.
  • It stabilizes blood pressure and lowers the amount of bad cholesterol in the blood, in what appears the use of prevention of hypertension and atherosclerosis.
  • Green hot tea has the ability to suspend the growth of cancer cells: the skin and especially the colon. Research is still held, but the available evidence suggests the benefits of the drink in reducing the number of cancer cells.
  • Reduces the risk of osteoporosis, as the bone becomes stronger - the undoubted benefits for elderly people.
  • Thanks to the useful properties of hot tea for colds recommended frequent drinking - so the body is freed from toxins.

Important! Tea is served always freshly: the only way revealed its beneficial properties. A stale welding can cause damage to health.

Harvard University studies confirmed why drinking hot black tea is useful:

  • one cup daily reduces the risk of heart attack by 40%;
  • It decreases the likelihood of developing diabetes.

Does the taste of tea depends on the water temperature

Taste and benefits of tea depends not only on the quantity and quality of the tea leaves. Flavors and useful properties and determines the selected temperature of the beverage brewing.

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With different degrees of heating the same sort of tea at the output will be in a different color, taste and aroma. Those who prefer astringent and bitter aftertaste when brewed using a higher water temperature. The other extreme - the insistence of tea in cold water - take a long time and will not allow the leaves to reveal its taste and beneficial antioxidant properties.

To learn how to brew tea, you need to know, to what temperature values should heat water for each class, so as not to provoke harmful effects of hazardous chemical compounds.

What should be the temperature of the water for brewing tea

The water temperature for preparation of tea can range from 65 to 100 ° C. It all depends on the shape and size of the tea leaves and individual taste preferences. Tip: the lighter the tea leaves, the lower the temperature of the water required for brewing.

Temperature settings for different types of tea:

  • the use of non-fermented white and green tea is maximized at a temperature of brewing 65 - 80 ° C;
  • to yellow and flower tea (Partly fermented) an optimal value of 80 - 95 ° C;
  • fermented teas (red, black, puerh) disclosed by heating water to 95 - 100 ° C.

Tip! To prepare a therapeutic herbal tea with the addition of different ingredients require more hot water; useful properties will open, and a longer time of infusion.

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